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Comment: Re:Offsite (Score 1) 446

First post I've seen that starts getting close.

Maybe try expanding the requirements a bit..

  • Offsite. At least one copy offsite, hold onsite copies too.
  • Encrypted. In case things go missing. But where do you write down the passwords?
  • Sanity Tested. Did you even look at the backup in case its just a big empty file.
  • Recovery Tested. Have you actually tried restoring the data? Without corrupting your current system of course!
  • Corruption proof. What happens if your system goes wrong slowly and starts backing up corrupt files and you don't notice till last years tax returns are random noise?
  • Legal. What happens if the police or criminals get hold of the data. Would you be in trouble?
  • Future proof. Umm... Can I borrow a Zip drive... Anyone?

Comment: Re:Read the summary a couple times (Score 5, Funny) 465

Is that even English? Seems more like some dystopian futurespeak loosely based on a form of English which has been coopted by media and communications majors.

Not only is it English, it is British English from English Britain, the original and still the best English since 1066.

Accept no substitutes.

Comment: Re:Give the technical leads assistants. (Score 1) 312

by ErroneousBee (#46244075) Attached to: Good Engineering Managers Just "Don't Exist"

If your company has an adversarial internal structure, then clearly you need advocate (aka manager) to play the politics.

If that's the company structure, then you are stuck with political decisions being made without reference to the engineering reality. That's how you get big failures like RBS and the continual cycle of outsourcing->collapse->insourcing.

Comment: Re:Government funds for clean ups? (Score 4, Interesting) 113

Because there is no reward for good behaviour.

In BP's case, they made a decision to fund the cleanup and compensate people and businesses. And every fraud and shyster crawled out of the woodwork and started demanding compensation. They get no credit for putting their hands up, while US companies Transocean and Haliburton were busy hiding behind lawyers and shredding the evidence and getting away with it.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -- Arthur C. Clarke