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Comment: Re:I think we are missing something obvious... (Score 1) 342

by Errol backfiring (#49284489) Attached to: UK Chancellor Confirms Introduction of 'Google Tax'

You don't understand. Many countries in the UK are competing themselves to death in being "tax-friendly" to extremely rich companies and individuals. Even American rock stars are "located" in the UK, the Netherlands or wherever they can avoid taxation the most. Off course, this contributes nothing to either countries. To make matters worse, it opens up the possibility of all kinds of incomprehensible constructs that may even be less legal. But who knows? You'd have to know all the laws and all the deals with the tax authorities (which are, even though there are laws of government openness, secret).

Tax paradises are not only located in Africa and run by dictators. Off course, that is what politicians try to make us believe. Tax paradises are in a lot of cases our own countries. It is therefore quite hypocrite for a UK politician to condemn tax paradises or rich companies using them after these companies were lured to the UK for being a tax paradise in the first place.

Comment: Those without a timeline will be at an advantage (Score 4, Interesting) 209

Those without a timeline will be at a huge advantage

There, fixed that for you. If influencing strangers is named as an advantage, I strongly disagree. Strangers more likely influence anyone with a publicly available profile. Remaining anonymous gets more important every day.

+ - Unofficial devolper preview of Haiku Beta1 has been released->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "An unofficial preview version of the Haiku Operatating System has been released. The release demonstrates the considerable changes that have been made since the last official release back in November of 2012.

The preview includes a number of bundled open source software, as well as a few preparatory applcations which are owned by the publisher of the unofficial preview. The unofficial preview is being published by TuneTracker Systems and not by Haiku Inc (www.haiku-inc.org), who are the publishers of the offical Haiku releases.

Haiku Inc is planing to officially release Beta1 later this year and the preview will allow the user to upgrade to the official beta1 when the release is finished.

Blurb from publishers website: (http://www.tunetrackersystems.com/discoverhaiku.html)

Most people are are aware of Windows, Mac, maybe even Linux. But did you know there's another operating system, every bit as exciting, called HAIKU? HAIKU is a fun, easy-to-use operating system that lets you accomplish the same sorts of things as the others, but without the wait."

"Discover HAIKU" is your gateway to the world of HAIKU. Delivered to you on a high-capacity USB stick, you can boot to it directly, or install it to an empty hard drive volume on your computer. It comes with a new, up-to-date version of HAIKU, introductory videos, and a mile-long list of tested, proven programs and tools that will make your adventure exciting.

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+ - Australian researchers create world's first 3D-printed aircraft engines

Submitted by stephendavion
stephendavion (2872091) writes "Researchers from the Monash University, CSIRO and Deakin University in Australia have created two 3D-printed aircraft engines. One of the 3D-printed engines is being showcased at the ongoing International Air Show in Avalon, while the other is at Microturbo (Safran) in Toulouse, France. Monash and its subsidiary Amaero Engineering attracted interests from tier one aerospace companies to produce components at the Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing (MCAM) in Melbourne. Researchers used an old gas turbine engine from Microturbo to scan components and print two versions. The engine is an auxiliary power unit equipped in aircraft such as the Falcon 20 business jet."

+ - Alaska allows recreational marijuana as campaign spreads-> 1

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 (797399) writes "Smoking, growing and owning small amounts of marijuana became legal in Alaska on Tuesday, as a growing decriminalization movement reached the United States' wild northwest frontier.

Alaska narrowly passed the measure in November. It followed Colorado and Washington state in allowing recreational use, reflecting a rapidly shifting legal landscape for the drug, which remains illegal under federal law.

Anyone aged 21 or older can now possess up to an ounce of marijuana in Alaska and can grow up to six marijuana plants, three of which can be flowering.

Smoking in public and buying and selling the drug remains illegal — though private exchanges are allowed if money is not involved.

I wonder how or if this affects the dry counties in Alaska."

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+ - Germans protest that new data centre emissions will cook local trout->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Local trout farmers in the Bavarian town of Eching, north of Munich, have taken the developer group e-shelter to court over a proposed data center which is to be cooled using surrounding groundwater. The local groundwater will be used to cool the center, before the heated water is returned back into the ground. A pretty ecological-sounding solution one would think, but perhaps not when the tampered water will filter directly into a fish farm’s fresh springs, located just a few kilometers east of the proposed site. The farmers at the ‘Forellenhof Nadler’ farm are highly concerned that the environmental impact of the data center will harm the health of their fish and threaten their economic livelihood, with even a temperature increase of two degrees inducing a higher risk of disease."
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