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Comment Re:Great idea, Microsoft... (Score 1) 41

Off course not. There are way too many organizations waiting for new attack vectors to snoop on user behaviour. In the future, you can tell what somebody is doing by just reading the battery usage parameters. Funny thing is that some battery monitoring standards say that the privacy implications are low (see The Battery Status API in JavaScript for example). This is now going to change for the worse.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 5, Informative) 278

The agreement also would overhaul special tribunals that handle trade disputes between businesses and participating nations.

Probably something like ISDS. That should hardly be a surprise. It is the new colonialism: it gives companies the possibility to plunder foreign nations, but with an army of lawyers instead of an army of thugs.

Comment Gravitational slingshot (Score 1) 99

So basically, it is a gravitational slingshot, but more complex due to the use of a line. I am really curious to what the amount of energy does to the asteroids and comets' own trajectory, and if it literally fires back at us. If you take speed out of an asteroid, a somewhat circular orbit around the sun could become an elliptical one the interferes with Earth's orbit.

Comment Re:Google Maps (Score 3, Insightful) 258

You're not expecting privacy on a public street.

Yes I am. I am expecting that there are no vast armies of spies on every corner or every street. I am expecting that I can go up in the masses, and that I am alone in empty streets.

Yes, I expect that sometimes people can see me. That is something hugely different from monitoring me. I expect that my neighbour can see me leave in the morning. I expect that my boss can see me coming in the morning. It is a huge violation of privacy if my neighbour checks with my boss, or if my boss checks with my neighbour. "Everyone present can see" is totally different from "surveillance 24/7".

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