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Comment: Oh please, no carbon storage (Score 1) 133

Storing CO2 does not help anyone, and only does harm. The problem is not that there is too much CO2 in the world, the problem is that we convert way too much carbon and oxygen into CO2. Period. If we store all the CO2, we deprive ourselves from oxygen, because we keep on converting it! The Biosphere II experiment has clearly demonstrated that (by using concrete, which, by itself, stores CO2). Storing CO2 is just one more environmental crime to cover up another.

Comment: Re:Economy (Score 1) 579

by Errol backfiring (#47367761) Attached to: Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature

Please do not mix economy with finance. They are hardly related anymore.


  1. 1 - The market will solve it!
  2. 2 - The money goes to a newly formed group of big companies in bed with a bank (because this allows the bank to create money out of thin air). Off course, the bank demands "securities" (for what?) and society is heavily taxed.
  3. 3 - Problem solved. At least, on the low-traffic pacific island where the "investors" now live.

Comment: Re:Pigs at the trough (Score 1) 48

They don't. They operate at different levels, so they may be listening to an extra "backup" data flow. I rather think they use each other. It is too convenient for "intelligence" agencies not to tap into the already existing camera and audio feed from another spy.

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