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Comment Re:Android == Windows? (Score 3, Informative) 147

"Windows CE didn't have that sort of penetration" - this is not actually accurate, companies just didn't Internetwork all of their rubbish embedded systems, leaving them unexposed

I'm still surprised every time I see a new example of a living installation of CE still in use in 2015.

Examples still in use today include:

- POS and cash registers (Fujitsu, others)

- ATMs (newer ones use a variant of 7 called Embedded, the successor to CE)

- devices with a display in a supermarket that can read barcodes, and check stock or prices (so called "guns", ASDA, Wal*Mart, Tesco)

- devices used to take signatures for postal delivery and parcel delivery (Royal Mail, UPS)

- devices to log utility meter readings in the field (G4S, British Gas)

- Police Airwave terminals of various descriptions (the Compaq iPaq with peripheral for fingerprint reader paired with a PCMCIA II Airwave modem, gives Greater Manchester Police an ID for a suspect in less than 30 seconds.)

Comment Re:Why is this news? (Score 1) 163

On the topic of can vs cannot, the same benefits are of course available for those who adopt.

Another question would be regarding those who choose vs don't choose to become parents, and there I see it as a question of society spending money on investing in itself.

(As to those who think it's a walk in the park to be on parental leave ... everyone I know, including myself, considers coming back to work to be a very welcome vacation ... )

Comment Re:Why is this news? (Score 5, Informative) 163

I took out 19 months with our firstborn - from when he was 4 months old.

Of course, I'm Swedish. Anyone who would only take two months would be seen as quite uninterested in their children.

(In Sweden you get 480 days per child, to be divided as you see fit between mother and father. 120 of those days are however locked, divided up as 60 each, to each parent. You get 80% of your salary during parental leave, capped to a maximum which is far far below what anyone in "IT" makes)

Comment Re:Eagerly looking forward to this technology (Score 2) 154

1. Self-driving car?
Try self-driving RV .
With the boomers retiring and slowing down, this will be a huge product category.

2. 25" screen? How quaint.
How about thinking futuristically, maybe a VR holosphere driven by methane micro-lasers?
Gonna need some sort of privacy screen for the inevitable social maladjusted out there that feel the need for a FUFME session with their 'net-enabled fleshlight on the 405.

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