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Comment: Re:user: You gave me a bad password!!! (Score 1) 126

by Eol1 (#37595038) Attached to: The Nine Circles of IT Hell

I have to agree especially as you get some complex password rules now days and some folk think you are cleverly using punctuation to meet that complexity. Usually I say something like:

Your password is "generic2011" all lower case. It starts with a "g" and ends with "1". Do not include the quotation marks.

Comment: Re:Mobsters ... but only if there are more than on (Score 1) 568

by Eol1 (#37342784) Attached to: Obama Admin Wants Hackers Charged As Mobsters

Just like we ruin poor dumb kids lives who commit other dumb crimes they wouldn't have committed if they were older like joining a gang, murdering somebody for a pair of shoes, etc etc.

Basically what I hear in your comment is "How dare middle class suburb kids be expected to follow the law and then be prosecuted when they fail .. the outrage!!!"

Comment: Suprise? Maybe that he lasted so long (Score 4, Interesting) 90

by Eol1 (#36469284) Attached to: Vivek Kundra Quits As Federal CIO

The only surprise here is he lasted so long. The Federal CIO has zero authority hence it's a thankless exercise in futility. Under both FISMA and CCA all IT authority is with the Agency Head, OMB Director, and NIST. The Mr. Kundra had no authority, no control, no budget, no nothing my guess is the only reason he took the job was he was a former private sector employee and most likely had buyers regret within the week. No sane civil servant would take this position short of as a temp position to a backroom deal which ended with a lateral transfer promotion somewhere else or a high three with the expectation of doing nothing and accomplishing nothing (the only realistic goal under the existing legal/regulatory framework which governs that position) .

If a thing's worth having, it's worth cheating for. -- W.C. Fields