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Comment: Re:Sweet, sweet solipsism (Score 1) 12

by Jeremiah Cornelius (#47737469) Attached to: Why Ferguson Is Just the Beginning of Future America

You have an essentially correct perception here, embedded in the psychological noise that accompanies these perceptions.
It is difficult to maintain a "rational and sane" perspective regarding these experiences - and encountering actual Reality? Reality is accessible only from a state of being that is "crazy" to the rational.

Comment: Re:The show is filled with mostly nonsense (Score 1) 279

by SuiteSisterMary (#47735813) Attached to: "MythBusters" Drops Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci

At the beginning of the show, it was 'lets see if Hollywood special effects can be done without using special effects. No. Now here's how the special effects were done.'

Then, for a while, it was actually busting myths.

Now, it's 'Does physics actually work?' I stopped watching when I saw an episode where they were challenging the assertion that, given a vehicle moving at 30 mph, with a rear-facing air cannon that would shoot at tennis ball at 30 mph, the ball, when fired from the moving vehicle, would simply drop.

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