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Comment Re:Or just make the diesels hybrids (Score 1) 156

You apparently don't know what the Prius C is. Try again. And it's you changing subjects, I've always had the same subject, Diesel is a poor choice, same as the mayor. You are a Diesel worshiper and are all bent out of shape, so you are making up lies. But if I call you on them, you'll just pretend to be a different AC.

The Prius C is sold as the Yaris hybrid in Europe, and the Yaris is not a D-segment car. You should learn what you are talking about before wrongly lecturing others on it.

Comment Re:Splendid, Captian (Score 1) 9

We remember that having a tattoo, or a piercing, or hair too long meant exclusion from "polite" society.

I've got ink.

And yet you have the gall to throw "cultural marxism" in my face as if we in the west didn't already have a culture of stifling anything that dared move in a direction the herd didn't approve of. You and your ilk bleating and moaning and complaining, confused at the world they live in, too stupid or too proud to understand this very thing you've ceaselessly complained about for years is the direct result of you wanting exactly that, just to your own specifications. I hope you choke on it.

While we're huddled under the bridge for warmth, be sure to ask me the difference between positive encouragement that grows a culture, and nihilism.

Comment Re: Doesn't sound very credible to me (Score 1) 156

So, despite that "particulate emissions from petrol cars are so low that they are not routinely measured" and can "emit 25 to 400 times more mass of particulate black carbon and associated organic matter ("soot") per kilometer" the fact that petrol cars may release twice as much particulate means that they've suddenly caught up?

Your ideas are based on outdated conclusions which do not take into effect the linked study.

Anecdotally, the rise of diesel is making buildings grimier than they have been since the smogs of London and Paris were beaten into submission.

That's nothing compared to what gasoline engines are doing to your lungs.

Comment Re:We patched your patch (Score 1) 25

This is the one point that should never be ignored. If the updater has access to the raw files, then it has the job of actually installing them where they need to go, and it would need admin privileges for that. And since the entire point of the post was that the updater shouldn't have admin privileges, well, this isn't a red herring, and this shouldn't be ignored.

Well, no. The comment never actually insisted that you be able to install updates without privilege escalation. Go read it again! And frankly, the suggestion that you should be able to is a stupid one. There are lots of reasons why you shouldn't be able to do that, and I should not have to enumerate them here for you. If you have any IT experience at all, you should know what several of them are.

The idea of having executable installers is that the installer, not the downloader, has the onus placed upon it to ask for admin privileges.

Good news! You can download the packages without privilege escalation! The installer is a separate tool, which won't work without it. You need privilege escalation to update the list of installed packages (with good reason) and you need it to update the list of available packages (also with good reason) but you can in fact schedule the list updates, and you only need to update the list of installed packages when you are installing packages.

There are very good reasons to protect installed packages. Do not make me explain them to you.

Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 15

Your analysis doesn't mention the need to preclude the birth of a Kurdistan in northern Iraq, which would just lead to agitation in the East of Turkey.
Turks are also Sunni Muslims, and the flexing of Shi'ite Iran in Syria is not a welcome thing.
People in the West underestimate the significance of both the ethnic and religious tensions in the Middle East. Hydrocarbons, while seriously important, aren't the only dimension to the problem.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 92

To reiterate an old point: I at no point believe you fully, nor give you the benefit of the doubt.
Whether you are a full-on Pollyanna in your partisanship, or are actively prevaricating is a purely academic question.
The more germane point, in the case of the IRS, is to what degree the GOP elite were complicit, in the name of protecting Holy Progress from a wave of reform.
tl;dr: You funny.

Comment Re:The two principals are Russia and Europe (Score 1) 15

"the battle of empires" OK, whom do you think is truly "Imperial" today? The Chinese. . .the Russians. . .the United States?

letting the Russians grow fat on them is out of the question. Better to burn the whole place down. The destabilization efforts are for that purpose. Not even 15 years ago, tourists were able to visit Libya, Syria, Iraq, etc in relative safety.

So, you place no stock whatsoever in *any* of the Sunni/Shi'ite tension, Iran as a regional hegemon, the House of Saud wanting to keep the Iranians at bay?

The various "failed" states, e.g. North Korea, all perform their functions in the ecosystem.

A totally nonsensical post. North Korea, et al are client states, proxies.

Want to walk that back? Client states "perform their functions in the ecosystem"; trafficking in persons, dope smuggling, what have you.

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