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RIAA Wants Songwriter Royalty Lowered 343

Posted by kdawson
from the more-for-meeeeee dept.
NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "Lest there be anyone left who believes the RIAA's propaganda that its litigation campaign is intended to benefit the 'creators' of the music, Hollywood Reporter reports that the RIAA is asking the Copyright Royalty Board to lower songwriter royalties on song file downloads, from the present rate of 9 cents per song — about 13% of the wholesale price — down to 8% of wholesale. Meanwhile, the big digital music companies, such as Apple, want the royalty rate lowered even more, to something like 4% of wholesale. So any representations by any of these companies that they are concerned for the 'creators' of the music must henceforth be taken with a boxcar-load of salt."

How Microsoft-Yahoo Will Affect Open Source 287

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the something-to-think-about dept.
jammag writes "If the marriage of Microsoft and Yahoo were to be consummated, GNU/Linux would be hindered, argues Roy Schestowitz. Yahoo's funding of open source initiatives would dry up. Yahoo, which acquired Zimbra, would lose its love for the open source competitor of Microsoft Outlook. The list goes on..."
Input Devices

+ - Optimus Maximus keyboards for pre-order!

Submitted by Endareth
Endareth (684446) writes "Hot off the mailing list, the Optimus Maximus keyboard is just three and a half days off pre-orders! Expected production of the first 200 of these amazing (and probably rather expensive) keyboards is December this year.

From the email:

Ladies and gentlemen,

I'd like to inform you that on May 20, 2007 at 3 p.m. Moscow time we'll start accepting limited pre-orders for the Optimus Maximus Keyboard.

Watch the countdown at

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