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Comment Hmmm interesting (Score 3, Insightful) 574

How would the posters that are upset about this feel about applying this to the

Scientologists ?
Aum Shinrikyo ?
Golden Dawn ?
The KKK ?
Neo Nazis ?
Pegida ?
Republicans ?
Libertarians ?
People that have more money than you do ?

Just how do you feel about freedom of speech ? Woodrow Wilson at Princeton ? The Halloween costume of your choice ? Operation Rescue publicizing abortion practices ?

It seems that a lot of people have remembered the first amendment today and will probably forget about it by next week.

Comment Cause meet effect, effect say hello to cause (Score 3, Insightful) 393

The U.S. is arguably the most capitalistic and market oriented country on the face of the earth yet amazingly we manage to produce vast swaths of the electorate that somehow think economy is some strange kind of magic run by dragons and fairies.

What did anyone think would happen if we produced more degrees without insuring there would be demand for them ?

On the one hand you had simple supply and demand hitting the prices

Simplified tuition aid was mostly a handout to universities not students.

Then you have depressed pricing for the labor of people who earned a degree.

Comment Great strides have been made in CEO automation (Score 1) 176

You look at the old primitive systems that were little more than a mannequin and a bad toupee and compare them to what we have now.

This app easily passes the Turing Test for CEOS|34|37||1||1

If you add in an electric fan and a heater it's indistinguishable from your typical CEO or Politician.

Comment Futureshock- Alvin Toffler (Score 1) 120

Which was itself a rehash of what were old concepts at the time.

Perhaps the discussion he needs to have isn't about the stages of resistance to technology, there really doesn't seem to be much of that (hows your quadcopter and raspberry pi entertainment system doing) but how little insight repeating bad ideas brings.

"People should have access to the data which you have about them. There should be a process for them to challenge any inaccuracies." -- Arthur Miller