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Comment Re:What Would It Cost To Build a Mac Pro? (Score 1) 405 405

Omg....your comment is wrong on so many level I'm not even sure if it's Troll or not

There's absolutely nothing special about internal hard drives. Mac Pro doesn't have them, it has an embedded SSD module. Hard drives are external on Mac Pro.

We're in 2015 right? So SSD didn't conquer the world...right?

Do you know how incredibility frail hard drive are? My mother lost 10 years of picture because they accidentally bumped their external hard drive while it was writing something. Sure you can but it on the personal network far from any harm, but it's not something "parents" do by themselves.

You can attach any graphics card, or really any PCI or PCIe card supported by OS X via thunderbolt. Get an external card cage and enjoy.

Yeah.....what a great option.....upgrading my graphic card in 2 years with an external card cage...why are we even still buying desktop nowadays?

If the PSU fails, you have Apple replace it. If the logic board fails, you have Apple replace it.

......really? Do you honestly believe that Apple will replace my PSU or motherboard free of charge in 5-10 years if it ever fail? You know that with desktop, I can diagnosis the problem and replace the broken part in less than a day right?

Submission + - NASA announces Earth-like planet orbiting distant sun-like star->

Eloking writes: TORONTO – On Thursday, NASA announced that scientists analyzing four years’ worth of data from the Kepler Space Telescope – which searched for planets around other stars – have released a new catalogue of exoplanet candidates, including an Earth-like planet that orbits a star similar to our own sun.

Of the 500 possible planets, 12 are less than twice the diameter of Earth in that zone.

Kepler 452b is the first one to be confirmed as a planet, lying 1,400 light-years from Earth. This planet is particularly interesting as its star is similar to our own sun. It is just 10 per cent brighter and four per cent more massive. It also orbits its star at the same distance that we do our sun.

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Comment Re:What Would It Cost To Build a Mac Pro? (Score 1) 405 405

The Mac Pro is plenty modular. Just plug in Thunderbolt modules.'re kidding right?

What if the I want to upgrade the graphic card or the CPU? Add a new "internal" hard drive. What if the PSU or the motherboard fail? I'm not talking about connecting a printer.

Then take one. A December 2013 story breaks down what it'd cost to build an equivalent Windows PC. Add the price of labor and support, and it might actually be 30 percent more than a comparable Mac Pro.'re kidding right?

Why the fuck would I want a desktop with Intel Xeon E5 and dual AMD FirePro, 4 USB port (my desktop have 8 and I have to use a splitter) at 3K$ for my home?

Submission + - NASA Unveiling New Exoplanet Discovery from Kepler Telescope Today->

Eloking writes: NASA will unveil a potentially exciting discovery on Thursday (July 23) regarding the search for alien planets.

In a teleconference at 12 p.m. EDT (1600 GMT) tomorrow, the space agency will announce new findings made by the planet-hunting Kepler Space Telescope. You can tune in to the announcement live via an online audio feed provided by NASA. A statement from NASA announcing the teleconference did not provide any additional details as to what new information will be unveiled.

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Comment Re:OS X (Score 1) 405 405

This is merely the result of Apple being primarily a hardware company and Microsoft being primarily a software company.

So? AFAIK Acer is also a Hardware company and their laptop update just fine.

If Apple want to goes on with the crapwagon that OS X is it's their decision, but it doesn't excuse them. The fact that WINE exist and installed on 90% MAC (the other 10% simply boot in Windows) is proof enough that Apple shoot themselves in the foot. If they created a "Windows ready" desktop that is modular (looking at you Mac Pro) they have the power and the money to buy hardware at super discount and wipe most competition. If the Mac Pro didn't have it's flaw, was equipped with "Windows Ready" driver and costed 20%-30% less than the same PC with equivalent specs I would have took one hands down.

Submission + - New molecular transistor can control single electrons->

Eloking writes: Researchers from Germany, Japan and the United States have managed to create a tiny, reliable transistor assembled from a single molecule and a dozen additional atoms. The transistor reportedly operates so precisely that it can control the flow of single electrons, paving the way for the next generation of nanomaterials and miniaturized electronics.
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Submission + - Your Origin account will now be called an 'EA Account'->

Eloking writes: Accounts at Origin, Electronic Arts' online store, are being renamed. They'll be called an EA Account "to better represent all of EA's games and services," EA said in an email being sent to Origin account holders.

No other features or reasons were given.

The change will happen automatically "in the coming weeks," EA said. Members will use the same login ID and password to access the account.

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Submission + - New Tesla Model S P90D "Ludicrous Speed" Goes 0-60 MPH in 2.8 Seconds Read more->

Eloking writes: The highest-performance Tesla Model S gets even quicker thanks to a new “Ludicrous Speed” mode (Elon Musk must be a big “Spaceballs” fan). In combination with a newly optional 90-kWh battery pack, this new mode brings 0-60 mph acceleration down to 2.8 seconds (from a quoted 3.2 seconds for the P85D model). This larger battery pack is offered as an upgrade from the existing 85-kWh model, creating new 90, 90D, and P90D models.
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Submission + - Apple makes 92 percent of all smartphone profits->

Eloking writes: Three years ago, Apple made 73 percent of all profits in the smartphone sector, despite just having nine percent of global handset sales. But these days, Apple’s profits have soared to new heights.

As the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, citing a new report by industry research firm Canaccord, in the first quarter of 2015, Apple took in 92 percent of the total operating income of the world’s eight largest smartphone makers. That figure jumped up from 65 percent during the same period in 2014.

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Submission + - EU Agreement Sets Up Third Greek Bailout->

An anonymous reader writes: Euro zone leaders have reached a deal that will attempt to resolve Greece's financial crisis. The deal sets up negotiations for the country's third bailout, and will require the Greek government to give up significant autonomy in financial matters. Experts have estimated that Greece could require almost $100 billion to stabilize once again. While this will be a significant cost to taxpayers in other European countries, the economic repercussions of letting Greece default on its debts would be much greater. "The agreement will call for Greece to raise taxes in some cases, parepension benefits and take various other measures meant to reduce what critics see as too much bureaucracy and too many market protections that keep the Greek economy from operating efficiently. ... Despite the agreement, Greek banks are expected to remain closed this week. The banks are acutely short of cash and Greek depositors may soon find it difficult to withdraw even small sums from ATMs."
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Comment Re:Misconception about space "pollution" (Score 1) 41 41

C'mon I'm not killing any buzz. I love that map and I've even added it to my bookmark.

And I know how dangerous those debris are. Some of those debris top 10 km/s (36 000 km/h) and if're you're heading the other way...well you get the picture.

My point was about the misconception of space pollution. Normal folk imagine we're going to end up like that scene in Wall-E where a rocket have to pass through a wall of debris to leave earth orbit. It's a huge additional challenge for all space mission but we're handling it quite well so far. Moreover, if we're more careful about making debris for the next decade, most of them will disappear by themselves (IFAIK, orbit need to be over 2000 km to be considered completely stable, but maybe there's a glitch in my memory)

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