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Comment: Re:Russia (Score 2) 417

by Eloking (#47177031) Attached to: Canada Poised To Buy 65 Lockheed Martin F-35 JSFs

We do need new fighters in the interim, and the F35 is a fantastic piece of technology, but I'm not convinced it's the wisest decision at this point.

While I'm sure you had other one in your mind, I don't think "because it's a fantastic piece of technology" is the best argument to bring to justify a 9 billion dollar purchase

Comment: Re:That's so sad. (Score 1) 625

by Eloking (#44589613) Attached to: Aging Is a Disease; Treat It Like One

Aging isn't a disease; it's a gift.

I pity the people who can't see this.

Ok I'll take the shot. How exactly growing weaker and having your own body deteriorating and die is a gift? How can you imply that dying of old age is a gift?

Well I don't. Show me an immortality pill and I'll take it without the slightest hesitation.

I have no problem with living in a society free of old people (which won't happen anytime soon since a lot of people like you will never even consider taking that medication). I don't mind seeing my own children reaching my age or growing older than me. And I don't mind living in a birth-controlled environment when we eventually reach overpopulation.

Life if a gift, aging isn't.

And keep your pity for yourself or give them to those who need it. I certainly don't.

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by Eloking (#43438457) Attached to: Google Fiber: Why Traditional ISPs Are Officially On Notice

Hmm yeah, like all the ISP (and most corporation while we're at it) doesn't already take your personals info.

Google isn't stripping us more of our piracy than others, they are just better at using those info. And since they are mostly used for targeted advertising, I honestly don't mind more boobs in my ads than Viagra.

Comment: Titanium, the metal of the 21th century (Score 3, Informative) 139

by Eloking (#43013861) Attached to: New Technology Produces Cheaper Tantalum and Titanium

Most people, even on slashdot, don’t realize the huge potential of titanium.

It's not only a better metal, it's perfect. In fact, if you mixed together aluminum and stainless steel together and tap the result with a magic wand to remove all its flaw (Resistance to corrosion, acid, rust etc.), you'll get titanium.

Its light as aluminum, strong as steel, completely resistant to corrosion and quite abundant (given, it's not as abundant as iron and aluminum, but it's not that far either. You'll be surprised how much we use Ti in our everyday product). In fact, Ti as the "highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal" (Reference: Wiki). And we're not even talking about alloy yet.

Still, it got two main flaws:

- First it's price. Because the Kroll process (actual process to make Ti) waste Magnesium, Ti cost a lot more than it should. But the new process should drop that problem if it ever enters mass production. And even if it'll always be more costly than aluminum or iron, don't forget that you need way less material to get the job done

- The second flaw is the hash manufacturing process. Because of many factor like the Titanium thermal conductivity, it's a pain to manufacture. But the new advance in 3D printing "could" completely remove that flaw

I may be a dreamer, but the day where you'll buy 3D printed Titanium shovel from your Walmart may not be that far.

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