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Comment: Re:Russia (Score 2) 417

by Eloking (#47177031) Attached to: Canada Poised To Buy 65 Lockheed Martin F-35 JSFs

We do need new fighters in the interim, and the F35 is a fantastic piece of technology, but I'm not convinced it's the wisest decision at this point.

While I'm sure you had other one in your mind, I don't think "because it's a fantastic piece of technology" is the best argument to bring to justify a 9 billion dollar purchase

Comment: Re:That's so sad. (Score 1) 625

by Eloking (#44589613) Attached to: Aging Is a Disease; Treat It Like One

Aging isn't a disease; it's a gift.

I pity the people who can't see this.

Ok I'll take the shot. How exactly growing weaker and having your own body deteriorating and die is a gift? How can you imply that dying of old age is a gift?

Well I don't. Show me an immortality pill and I'll take it without the slightest hesitation.

I have no problem with living in a society free of old people (which won't happen anytime soon since a lot of people like you will never even consider taking that medication). I don't mind seeing my own children reaching my age or growing older than me. And I don't mind living in a birth-controlled environment when we eventually reach overpopulation.

Life if a gift, aging isn't.

And keep your pity for yourself or give them to those who need it. I certainly don't.

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