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Comment Re:Osborne Effect? (Score 2) 397

If I was Elon Musk, I'm not sure that I would be gloating that the Model S cars that my car company is producing will be completely obsolete just three years from now.

Well, if we take into consideration that Tesla motor upgraded the range of all Tesla Roster for free and got one of the best customer service avalaible, I can safely guess that people that buy model S now will now be left in the dark after that new 1000km model came out.

Comment Encrypted so well we cannotcannot decrypt it? Real (Score 1) 142

First question that come into my mind, why the hell aliens would send encrypted message in the galaxy? If I wanted to send a message to Aliens, my first reflex would write it in so many different way so that any aliens will know it's a message for them. The only reason it should be encrypted is to hide it from someone they know and odds are thar they a far more advanced than us and that some random communication wont reach anyone esle than the disignated targed let alone leaving their solar system.

Comment Please captain, help me out to understand... (Score 2) 96

Ok, so I've got a huge interest in fusion research. But as a lot of people in /., I don't have enough knowledge to understand how big of a deal it is.

First, 5ms look kinda small, especially when we got no reference as comparison. What was the precedent record? What was the longest fusion was kept "stable" before? Or is it the first time fusion are reached something that could be called a "stable" stabe for "x" time?

Submission + - Windows 10 Blocking Counterfeit Games? (zdnet.com)

Eloking writes: Microsoft's new unified services agreement includes language that has some worrying Microsoft may scan their Windows 10 devices for pirated software and block its use.

Submission + - Canadian firm patents inflatable space elevator (gizmag.com)

Eloking writes: In space travel, the first step is always the most expensive, but why blast-off in a rocket if you can catch a ride on a space elevator? Canadian space firm Thoth Technology has received a US patent for an elevator to take spacecraft and astronauts at least part way into space. If it's ever built, the 20 km (12.4 mi) high Thothx inflatable space tower holds the promise of reducing launch costs by 30 percent in terms of fuel, and may even replace some classes of satellites.

Submission + - Google to measure air quality through Street View (gizmag.com)

Eloking writes: Google has teamed up with Aclima to incorporate environmental sensors into its Street View cars. Initially tested on three vehicles in the Denver metro area, the partnership should lead to a better understanding of overall air quality in urban environments.

Since its introduction back in 2007, Google's Street View platform has become a reliable and versatile tool. Quite aside from providing its 360-degree views from our roads, it's taken us underwater, across hiking trails and even to the top of mountains. The latest endeavor aims to deliver useful data on the air we breathe.

The goal of the project is to create high resolution maps of air quality across cities. It will see Street View cars equipped with sensors that allow them to take measurements of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, ozone, methane, black carbon, particulate matter and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – all of which can have a negative impact on health.

Comment Re:What Would It Cost To Build a Mac Pro? (Score 1) 405

Omg....your comment is wrong on so many level I'm not even sure if it's Troll or not

There's absolutely nothing special about internal hard drives. Mac Pro doesn't have them, it has an embedded SSD module. Hard drives are external on Mac Pro.

We're in 2015 right? So SSD didn't conquer the world...right?

Do you know how incredibility frail hard drive are? My mother lost 10 years of picture because they accidentally bumped their external hard drive while it was writing something. Sure you can but it on the personal network far from any harm, but it's not something "parents" do by themselves.

You can attach any graphics card, or really any PCI or PCIe card supported by OS X via thunderbolt. Get an external card cage and enjoy.

Yeah.....what a great option.....upgrading my graphic card in 2 years with an external card cage...why are we even still buying desktop nowadays?

If the PSU fails, you have Apple replace it. If the logic board fails, you have Apple replace it.

......really? Do you honestly believe that Apple will replace my PSU or motherboard free of charge in 5-10 years if it ever fail? You know that with desktop, I can diagnosis the problem and replace the broken part in less than a day right?

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