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Comment: Re:From the Article (Score 5, Informative) 220

by bvanheu (#46520933) Attached to: Malware Attack Infected 25,000 Linux/UNIX Servers

What other fucking form of authentication is there? Certs? Those are just strings - like a password. Encrypted certs? What are you encrypting them with?

It all comes down to a secret someone has too know. Call it a key, a cert, a token, whatever, it's a fucking password at the end of the day.

If your auth'ing with a username / password on an infected server you're actually *sending* your credentials to the server. This is not he case wih a cert auth, especially when you use ssh-agent to hop to other servers.

Comment: A keyboard without 'windows logo' ? (Score 2, Interesting) 383

by bvanheu (#23586185) Attached to: Review of the Model M-Inspired Unicomp Customizer Keyboard
I don't understand why keyboard manufacturer still put the Windows logo on the meta key (unless Microsoft give them money).

Can you point me out websites where i can buy a keyboard without 'Windows logo' ?

Anyway, only recently I found a use to this key (using it as meta with Awesome window manager. This don't interfere with 'alt' key in irssi !)

P.s. English isn't my first language !

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