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User Journal

Journal: Moderate

Journal by ElliotLee
+1 (Informative) Re:Sorry Microsoft.. Experience beats FUD hands do (110766-9404087, 4 points left)
User Journal

Journal: Moderate 2.0

Journal by ElliotLee
# +1 (Informative) Re:contrast is almost moot (108077-9191093, 2 points left)

# +1 (Interesting) It's the pixel alignment you have to watch out for (108077-9191470, 1 point left)

# +1 (Informative) Re:contrast is almost moot (108077-9191705, 0 points left)

User Journal

Journal: Moderator

Journal by ElliotLee
You have moderator access and 5 points (expire on 2004-05-20).

+1 (Funny) Linus at Microsoft? (107942-9179242, 4 points left)

User Journal

Journal: Again

Journal by ElliotLee
+1 (Interesting) Nobody remebers 'seeing' this in wired? (103872-8848805, 1 point left)
User Journal

Journal: Moderating...

Journal by ElliotLee
# +1 (Informative) The only thing stopping widespread use of Linux... (103806-8844418, 3 points left)

# +1 (Interesting) Re:The only thing stopping widespread use of Linux (103806-8845938, 2 points left)

User Journal

Journal: modded up

Journal by ElliotLee
Solution: Stop Spam at the Source
*Thursday March 11, @07:09PM
Replies: 7
Score: 5, Insightful
attached to Spam Solutions from an Expert

Spammers "can" spam
*Saturday March 06, @02:53PM
Replies: 2
Score: 2, Interesting
attached to First CAN-SPAM Lawsuit Filed in California

ZVUE Development Community
*Thursday March 04, @11:12AM
Score: 5, Interesting
attached to ZVUE's $99 Video and MP3 Player

Yes, it will make for inferior search results...
*Tuesday March 02, @08:55PM
Score: 2, Insightful
attached to Yahoo To Charge For Search Listings

the Eyes are Moving!
*Tuesday March 02, @07:24PM
Score: 2, Funny
attached to Do Your $20 Bills Explode In the Microwave?

*Sunday February 29, @08:49PM
Replies: 3
Score: 2, Interesting
attached to Creative Commons Moving Images Winners

Government & Open Source
*Sunday February 29, @07:00PM
Replies: 2
Score: 4, Interesting
attached to Get Listed Free In Gov't Open Source Directory

A conference is a gathering of important people who singly can do nothing but together can decide that nothing can be done. -- Fred Allen