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The United States is a grand experiment in freedom. We do not have a democracy. We have a Constitutional Republic. True democracy results in exactly what you described: a slide into tyranny (of the majority). A Constitutional Republic, on the other hand -- if we were to actually follow the Constitution of the United States -- actually protects the rights of its citizens, and it protects them from encroachment by the majority-controlled government.

Submission The First iPhone App Development Reality Show->

ElliotLee writes: "The guys at Command Guru have assembled an international team of 10 programmers, from all around the world. They're developing an iPhone app from scratch in only 7 days, and streaming the whole thing live. They literally work as you watch. It's the world's first iPhone reality show. Video is streamed live until December 12. There has to be drama, right?"
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Comment Re:NASA might be tampering with photos (Score 1) 77

From your Google search, I clicked the #1 result and read the following:

If I sound a little testy here, it's partly because I've found those astronomer/geologists involved to be quite arrogant. I listened to Linda Howe's interview with Steve Squyers, principal investigator on the Mars Rover Missions, during which, when the subject of organic life on Mars was brought up, he became agitated and downright rude to Howe - as if she asked a forbidden question. The reaction was appalling, certainly not something you'd expect from real scientists. (You can read the transcript of the interview here, near the bottom.) The thing is, they know what they want to discover - or what they think they will see on Mars - and their big egos (or brainwashed minds) won't leave room for anything else. It's quite comparable to how the Bush administration went after the Iraqi WMDs, really.

Echoes my thoughts. You could very well be right, but at least be open to other possibilities.


Submission How the Palm Foleo is as great as the iPhone->

Elliot writes: "The Palm Foleo runs Linux and is being touted as a simple mobile companion to your smartphone. This is the wrong approach. The Foleo can be compared to the Apple iPhone in terms of its chances for success, and we find many attractive features in the Foleo. With its 10" screen and full-size keyboard, if it can replace many of the tasks people use their laptops for, it can be similar to the iPhone in success. How the Palm Foleo is as great as the iPhone."
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