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Comment Policd Squad/Naked Gun (Score 1) 95

If you want to look at a scene that plays with continuity: Find the scene where the cops (Leslie Nielson & co) are in the cruiser. The conversation is entirely blase. The thing to look for is the donuts and the coffee cups - they migrate around, get refilled, change color. It must have driven the continuity people nuts, it was intentionally screwing with the one subject they work very hard at getting right.

Comment This ignores the team diet requirements: (Score 4, Informative) 149

Most competitors are on very regimented diets. The last thing they want to do is upset their digestive tracks in the days leading up to a major competition. Teams routinely bring their own food with them. This was a "story" during the Russian winter Olympics when the Russians tried to put a hold on Chobani yogurt that was coming in the country by the pallet (amoungst all the other food coming in). The news was trying to drum it up as a disaster (right next to the wild dogs wandering around in the hotels).

I expect to see the Japanese Olympic committee push the idea of Fukashema produce; the teams will mouth polite noises at the appropriate points - and then continue with the diets that have been developed and tracked for each team member.

As competitors are knocked out of competition you will see more variation and experimentation in their diets. Anyone that is still in competition will be adhering to their diets.

Comment Bullies come in all sizes (Score 1) 698

Bullies are the flip side to good values. They come at you all sizes shapes and methods. All they want to do is challenge your values and tear you down to their level. You can't do this you're a girl. You can't do that you're a wimp. You cant do this because I can pick on you. I'm going to pick on you just for spite. I am going to stand between you and your goals just to make you miserable.

Your daughter will have to learn to stand up for herself more than she expected to at her age. Bullies like to prey on the apparently weak and defenseless - children losing a parent fit right into that category.

She has to know that being willing to speak up for herself, and being willing to ask for help when things are beyond her control are good skills to develop and use. Bullies can only be dealt with by standing up to them and forcing them to back down. Any type of appeasement action against a bully only encourages them.

Be careful of approved authority figures as well. They can act as bullies as well, just with tacit approval that people find difficult to challenge because they are the approved authority.

Comment Re:HR lies. (Score 1) 309

At the same time if I am comparing twenty resumes and one says: 5 years relevant work experience and the other nineteen say: 5 years relevant work experience and a BS in comp sci the one resume that doesn't have the BS is going to get passed over on the first pass.
When an HR rep has to review 20-50 resumes for a job opening any deficiency or typo will get you passed over without a second thought.

Comment Re:Copepods, gotta catch 'em all with folded cloth (Score 1) 201

Some of these areas are so poor that if you show *any* signs of attempting to improve yourself, or get up in the world you will be beaten, or killed for attempting to upset the current powers that be. And since powers that be are the local strongman, warlord or government you keep your head down and avoid drawing the attention of the guys with guns.
That's an awfully nice garden you have there, mind if I take all the fruit off of it? And sometimes not even that, just having to defend your improvements from the locals who want your improvements for yourself.

Comment Re:How is Burying Africa Under PCs Going to Help? (Score 2) 201

Problems: No food, no water, no money, no electricity. Anything not nailed down is stolen, anybody who has a claw hammer steals everything else.
If you want to help these people, you get them something from the following list:
More of the straws that filter out the guinea worm. Google the guinea worm yourself, it is a horrid way to die.
Clean drinking water
A permanent shelter to live in
And if you have any of those three things, expect to have to defend it with tooth and claw because someone with a gun will shoot you for it.

Comment Completely Pointless (Score 2) 201

This is a solution in need a problem. Until the people in impoverished countries have some other things first, a USB stick that can reboot dead computers is kind of insulting.

How about we provide (in this order):
1. Food, shelter, sleep, and sex.
2. Security, employment, health, morality.
3. Friendship and family
4. Self-Esteem
5. Self-actualization

Until all of items in group 1 and most of the items in group 2 are secured, self booting: internet USB sticks is like trying to teach dog to play banjo.
And this is assuming that the local infrastructure can support USB booted computers for internet access.

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