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Comment Not dangerous? (Score 5, Insightful) 546

Cases of arson, lynching, beatings, killings, cross burnings and voter suppression in an organized manner against a specific segment of the population? These activities have been ongoing for over a hundred years in a systematic manner? The frequency is down but it still occurs or is overlooked. I would call that terrorism at the very least.

Comment Re:Snap Tight vs Glue vs Mortise/tenon (Score 1) 127

I have heard of traditional post and beam. I haven't built any buildings with it. The discussion was about how different building systems become outmoded by newer systems that get the job done faster or cheaper (all other things being equal).

Post and Beam is a mature building system that has been in many cases outmoded by a faster, cheaper alternatives (in field stick building or in factory module construction). You can find "traditional" post and beam builders out there but they cost more than 2x4 construction. I expect they are doing everything they can to stay cost competitive with the cheaper alternatives. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they are using CAD/CAM/CNC to cut all of their joints and reduce man power. Even so they fall into the high end market for housing construction. Its basically a niche product that you have to seek out and be willing to spend extra to get.

Furniture and joinery is an art I will never have the time to practice to a fine level of precision. I am glad that people still practice it.

Comment Re:Snap-tite isn't new (Score 1) 127

Yes, that is all locked in in PDF or an approved format that cannot be edited after the fact.
I have seen some sleazy attempts by architects and engineers to slide things in under radar. Undocumented changes between Bid sets and contract sets for instance. Luckily I was only the commissioning agent on that. You can bet there was a lawsuit over that little stunt when it got caught.

Comment Snap Tight vs Glue vs Mortise/tenon (Score 2) 127

I think I said that advances occur very slowly in the construction industry. Mortise and tenon has been abandoned. Why? Because something came along that was cheaper/faster with all other things being equal. Eventually something will come along that will replace nails and glue. I don't know what it is.

I won't use a technology/system that hasn't already been vetted through the insurance and rating agencies (UL, et al). If you come to me trying to get me to schedule/specify a product that hasn't made it past the rating agencies I'll throw you out with the bath water. I don't have time for untested and unrated equipment.

There are plenty of competing technologies that are tested and rated (have the UL mark) and are still trying to break into competitive construction in a big manner:

Precut lumber (mostly in use in custom home construction but not much elsewhere)
Engineered lumber products (it shows up when space is the constraint)
Automated concrete laying (Not matter what people say, this is still experimental)
Pro-Press fittings for refrigerant piping (just came on the market, the contractor is willing to give it a go with our blessing)
Integrated duct/insulation systems (This keeps coming up as an alternative to galvanized and keeps getting shot down)
Alternative grease duct systems (Fire rated systems that take less space)
3D printing (This is a novelty right now, but one that works. A couple of architects have specified it for difficult metal fittings in unusual buildings).

I could name a half dozen other technologies that are coming into maturity and their adoption is based upon preference or "We did it this way when I was a whipper snapper and you will to".

Comment Re:Snap-tite isn't new (Score 5, Insightful) 127

Paper plans are there for a different reason: Paper plans are stamped and signed by the architect/engineer and are the record/permit/contract set of construction drawings. I can't see any contractor worth his salt saying "I'll build that building based on a computer file that can be updated by remote push down"; there are to many chances of undocumented changes, issues on change orders and lawsuits over undocumented changes. And its not like engineering, architecture and contracting don't have enough of those problems.

I see is that there is plenty of dimensional lumber being used in that structural system. Different areas of the world use different dimensional lumber sizes than the US. Some areas of the world don't have dimensional lumber. Some areas of the world don't have the infrastructure required (dimensional lumber, CNC machines, trucks to ship the lumber).

I have concerns with the long term stability, durability of the structure. Nails and glue have been in use for a while (hundreds, if not thousands of years) because they work.

As a construction experiment in using new technology to find new ways to design and build buildings it is an interesting experiment. I applaud them for trying this. Its like looking at the concept cars that Ford, Nissan, Subaru, etc release every year and are loaded up with all sorts of outlandish features, some of which will obviously never get to production, some need some refinement and some are pretty good. I have no problem with someone deciding to build the equivalent of a concept car. Don't be surprised if your concept takes a long time to be adopted by the building industry. It will take that long to be vetted by architects, engineers, suppliers and contractors. Hell - it took almost twenty years for contractors to adopt Pro-Press pipe fittings as the preferred option over copper sweated fittings (and that is just copper pipe).

Comment Policd Squad/Naked Gun (Score 1) 95

If you want to look at a scene that plays with continuity: Find the scene where the cops (Leslie Nielson & co) are in the cruiser. The conversation is entirely blase. The thing to look for is the donuts and the coffee cups - they migrate around, get refilled, change color. It must have driven the continuity people nuts, it was intentionally screwing with the one subject they work very hard at getting right.

Comment This ignores the team diet requirements: (Score 4, Informative) 149

Most competitors are on very regimented diets. The last thing they want to do is upset their digestive tracks in the days leading up to a major competition. Teams routinely bring their own food with them. This was a "story" during the Russian winter Olympics when the Russians tried to put a hold on Chobani yogurt that was coming in the country by the pallet (amoungst all the other food coming in). The news was trying to drum it up as a disaster (right next to the wild dogs wandering around in the hotels).

I expect to see the Japanese Olympic committee push the idea of Fukashema produce; the teams will mouth polite noises at the appropriate points - and then continue with the diets that have been developed and tracked for each team member.

As competitors are knocked out of competition you will see more variation and experimentation in their diets. Anyone that is still in competition will be adhering to their diets.

Comment Bullies come in all sizes (Score 1) 698

Bullies are the flip side to good values. They come at you all sizes shapes and methods. All they want to do is challenge your values and tear you down to their level. You can't do this you're a girl. You can't do that you're a wimp. You cant do this because I can pick on you. I'm going to pick on you just for spite. I am going to stand between you and your goals just to make you miserable.

Your daughter will have to learn to stand up for herself more than she expected to at her age. Bullies like to prey on the apparently weak and defenseless - children losing a parent fit right into that category.

She has to know that being willing to speak up for herself, and being willing to ask for help when things are beyond her control are good skills to develop and use. Bullies can only be dealt with by standing up to them and forcing them to back down. Any type of appeasement action against a bully only encourages them.

Be careful of approved authority figures as well. They can act as bullies as well, just with tacit approval that people find difficult to challenge because they are the approved authority.

Comment Re:HR lies. (Score 1) 309

At the same time if I am comparing twenty resumes and one says: 5 years relevant work experience and the other nineteen say: 5 years relevant work experience and a BS in comp sci the one resume that doesn't have the BS is going to get passed over on the first pass.
When an HR rep has to review 20-50 resumes for a job opening any deficiency or typo will get you passed over without a second thought.

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