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Comment Re:Speechless (Score 1) 291

Thanks for the great post. It's bothered me for quite a while now that people try getting women into IT, a field that's well known for work dissatisfaction and lack of job stability, and they keep trying to find all kinds of reasons to it, rather than women being more savvy than men about the jobs they choose.

Comment Re:Google seems to be avoiding the real problem (Score 2) 95

Thanks for the link. I'd mark your comment up as informative if I could. :)

Still, comparing to iOS devices is like saying "there's no performance problem for games on laptops; my Alienware laptop runs them well." Android devices are a lot more varied than iOS ones, and it'd be nice to have web pages work well on a sub-$100 device and not just flagships. I don't know how well old iOS devices cope with pages either. Last I heard a comment from an iPhone 4 user it was that the phone was very sluggish. So just because web pages work well for someone who recently spent $600 and up on a phone doesn't mean that it's not worth optimising them.

Comment Women are smarter and more practical (Score 2) 696

Men go: "ooh, that sounds like a cool thing to do; it doesn't matter how many hours per week I work, that I don't have a life, that nobody will ever recognise my contribution, it's still cool and hey, doing it in my free time is even cooler!"

Women go: "why would I work in a field that has some of the lowest satisfaction scores, asks me to give up my personal life, and then on top of it also do that stuff for free? That's crazy!"

Comment Re:Does indeed happen. (Score 2) 634

"Teamspirit" is the loaded problem here. This can lead to homogenising the team (can be with respect to age or anything else). A person can be personable and still not fit in a team because his life and work experience is vastly different. A person can also think that the work method is flawed, because he has more experience and is right, but he won't fit the team because that would be rocking the boat.

In many senses it's easier to have a homogenic team, which is why discrimination based on age, race, gender happens. There's need to actively work against that, and to actively try to make the most of the differences. Having different points of view and different outlooks can be good, but it needs to be managed well, and that's hard to do.

Comment Quite a few reasons (Score 1, Insightful) 634

Older people tend not to want to work long hours, which is expected in many places in the industry.

An older person won't fit well into a young company, probably won't enjoy hanging out with 20 year olds that much, etc.

Older people do, in general, have less "zest". They've seen enough, they're more measured, they don't go "OMG, my first job, how exciting is that" or "did you see that programming competition?"

Older people have more experience, and it's expected that they'd expect and ask for higher salaries.

While it's all individual, it's much easier to assume up front that a young code monkey will be more excited and willing to work for less, will fit in more easily and code 14 hours a day.

Comment People will get used to it (Score 1) 195

When I had a car that showed its speed in a more visible location, I kept looking there initially. When I first had a car which told me how much fuel I was using at any moment, I kept glancing there. Then the novelty wore off and I just returned to more standard driving distractions. :)

Besides, this test really was lame. They couldn't even use a PC with a driving simulation or something?

Comment Re:Look for PC gaming, not mobile (Score 1) 175

"unlike jazz it is not obnoxious to everyone else."

I'm not sure what you mean by this. If you mean that there aren't people who dislike it, then I'd beg to differ, it's really an "I can't do hi-res, so I'll leave that to your imagination" style. I doesn't really look good unless you're a circlejerk. If you're talking about circlejerks being obnoxious to others, then of course there are those.

Comment Tablets down, tablets with phone functionality up (Score 1) 328

So people realised it's more convenient to have phone functionality in their tablet, and total tablet market has grown, according to these stats. Sure, some people find it convenient to separate the two, but what's the point? Does a tablet/phone have a different effect on the "post-PC" world than a tablet without phone functionality?

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