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by EETech1 (#48320359) Attached to: Google Releases Open Source Nogotofail Network Traffic Security Testing Tool

Perhaps on a Nexus device?

I'm not sure, I've never had one (and always have root)

I downloaded the package, and Python on my Android, but fell asleep in the docs last night.

It would be rather interesting to do those types of tests on the wireless operators, and the various Androids in my junk drawer.

Would running them from a tethered laptop give different results?

Fun times ahead.


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by EETech1 (#48247709) Attached to: Car Thieves and Insurers Vote On Keyless Car Security

My old boss had a Porsche Carerra GT (and other fabulous Porsches in his collection) and he used to leave it parked with the keys in it.

One day I was joking with his secretary about taking it for a spin:

"You don't want to lose your job"

"I can get another job, but I'll never get a better chance to total out a sweet ass Porsche"

About a minute later I played a clip of one being started and revved up, and he bolted out of his office.

I made him take me for a ride (no he wouldn't let me drive it)

He let me follow his wife around Road America in one of his beater Porsches though!

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1 - 2 MW is nothing for a commercial property though. The only reason your house is wired for 100 amps is you would rarely use over 30 - 40. If the demand is there to sell power, the power company will find a way to deliver it to you.

I design systems with multiple megawatt connections. The last place I was at had 50 MW of service installed to run 5 machines. It was nothing out of the ordinary.

Getting 250 Amps of 480 3 phase is nothing for a commercial property. That would handily cover your 200KW load.

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by EETech1 (#48053265) Attached to: Supercomputing Upgrade Produces High-Resolution Storm Forecasts

TFL in TFA goes over it.

It's been a complicated process to get to this point. The NWS has had to ensure that the software running on the new system is producing scientifically correct results. It had been running the old and new systems in parallel for months, and comparing the output.

This comparative testing involved examining output data to determine whether it is numerically reproducible out to five decimal places. There is also a statistical analysis of weather predictions on the new system against the actual weather conditions.

The process wasn't just an examination of numerical data. NWS scientists also studied the weather products and examined them for subtle differences. "There is a lot of human, highly experienced, subjective evaluation," said Kyger.

There are computational differences involved in switching to new chips and a new operating system. They are subtle, and appear in decimal places six through 12.

As you go further out in a forecast, the differences compound. The changes may appear in the fifth day of an extended, five-day forecast as a difference of one degree.

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