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Comment Re:For the BEST adblocker (& more vs. threats) (Score 1) 109

I've tried it, and my core 2 duo never finished without crashing.

So much duplication that it never completed? Just ground it to a halt (not out of ram) even after several tries.

I wish you'd just post the output weekly somewhere as APK master host file so I could just copy it in to place on all my devices.

Comment Re:This won't be allowed to happen (Score 1) 165

I believe it is a matter of modesty, not knowing for sure if he was the reason, and being the kind of person who is very confidential by nature.

Most places the extracts are still illegal and fall under manufacturing instead of possession, as well as having harsher penalties. For him to walk around and basically say "I've made and transported enough illegal hemp oil to treat X cancer patients" could have repercussions for his legitimate businesses as well.

He's the kind of person who might be talking to you about your best friend but would never say his name to you out of respect, and the fear of loose lips sinking ships.

Comment Re:This won't be allowed to happen (Score 1) 165

The person who makes the Phoenix Tears brings in about $50,000 a month and spends most of his time traveling and helping cancer patients. He does not charge them anything, and supports the whole thing out of his pocket.

He has seen it help enough people (starting with his wife) that he has decided it is something he needs to do to help as many people as he can, and it is now his full time job.

Considering he used to spend most of his time on the beach in California, or skiing in Colorado, or on vacation in Hawaii, and he is well past the point where he ever needs to work again, there must be some reason he feels it rewarding enough to come out of retirement.

After 3 of years of doing this he won't say how many people he has helped, he doesn't walk around claiming to have the magical cure, but I have heard from plenty of people he has cared for that they in fact do believe that his care was essential in their battle against cancer.


Comment Re:Sell batteries as an end product (Score 1) 232

Some details and pictures from when the boat was at the Miami Boat Show:

We had a number of different battery configurations that we tested to try and find the right balance of capacity and weight.

To get the batteries to charge that fast, the sunpads on the deck unfolded to expose more solar panels, and some dual surface panels were used that had higher output. We also had the batteries in banks that we could selectively charge (or discharge) them based on the power available

The goal was to have enough solar and batteries on board to be able to live on it, and not have to have a generator. Battery capacity was initially based on runtime targets, but was ultimately reduced to match the electrical demands of the boat while in "house mode"

The "hey we can have a smaller engine and help out with electrical power to get on plane" stuff came later.

Fun memory: I got (had) to test the GFI system we made, it blew some pyrofuses that disconnected the batteries in case something went wrong. It was a little unnerving to touch 700VDC, I used successively smaller resistors to be safe, but in the end did touch the bare battery cable, then did it again while the motors were under full load, and again under full regen:)

Working on boats sucks enough as it is, having to wear full PPE (personal protective equipment) in Florida while in the bilge gets old pretty fast!


Comment Re:Sell batteries as an end product (Score 2) 232

I worked on a hybrid boat with over 18,000 Li-ion batteries in the bilge!

(You don't want it to sink!)

It had 2 X 100 HP electric motors between the 500 HP diesels and the pod drives. You could run them for an hour at max output (about 12 knots) with the battery capacity it had, and you could get a whole days worth of putting around if you took it easy.

It recharged with solar panels in under a week, so you could use it every weekend using only the sun.

Recharging on shorepower was problematic to say the least. While it may be a 20 amp outlet, few of them can actually deliver 20 amps!


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