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Comment It's just adjective inflation, nothing more (Score 1) 80

The same way that things went from being "neat" or "cool" became "awesome," and how a few years back all "fails" became "epic fails." Nowadays one can't be a "good" coder, or an "excellent" coder. One must be a "rock star." People who aren't rock stars aren't merely "below the median," they are "fucking retards."

My city has been trying to get some dubious development lately (casinos and the Olympics). The politicians and developers, seeking to get voter approval for revised laws, tax breaks, and other asshattery, love to throw around terms like "world class." I saw an ad on the subway that used the phrase three times. It's like listening to Donald Trump imitators throw around superlatives "the classiest, most gold-plated, marble-encrusted codpiece you ever saw."

Comment Quick plug for JASNH (Score 5, Informative) 174

Just taking this quick opportunity to post a link to my favorite journal, the Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis: .

JASNH is one of the few places where you can submit a paper that says "we tested for X effect on Y and found no evidence that X affects Y". Generally this research is unpublishable and people will tweak parameters to get something career-advancing out of their research; I like JASNH because of the reminder that "falsifiability" can really happen.

Comment Re:And then ... (Score 1) 141

The Net got it wrong in that running "whois" doesn't bring up a photo of someone's driver's license and that pressing "ESC" doesn't roll back database changes across the Internet.

Does mean that I have to stop putting links to my super secret stuff on the pi-symbol in the lower-right corner of my web pages?

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