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Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 378

The problem with such a system is that it works in theory, but not always in the real world where companies have more power than people do.

And this is because Union membership and support has significantly eroded in the United States. If more workers could bargain collectively, the power would be shifted.

Comment Re:Essential Features.. alpha support, lossless. (Score 1) 86

We already have good codecs for professional use, lossy and lossless, that support alpha channels. For lossless there's Animation or DPX, for lossy Prores or DNxHD, etc. These codecs are standardized and supported by a wide variety of hardware and software. I think anybody doing this type of work professionally is going to be using already proven established codecs. There's nothing old, clunky, or painful about these (maybe animation).

Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 1) 259

Show me where a complete, working crack of Diablo 3 is. Oh wait there isn't one since so much of the code runs server side. What's out there is a buggy half playable mess with tons of missing content. When you run tons of code and serve content server side, you can't just crack it and call it a day. It's delusional to think pirates will win if the industry goes with these methods.

Comment Re:Tired of Luddites calling higher FPS "soap oper (Score 3, Informative) 599

That's irrelevant. The CMOS sensor on the RED works the same way as a frame of film - it is activated and exposed to light in exactly the same way, for a fraction of a second depending on the desired shutter speed. The only difference is that the shutter is electronic (turning the sensor on and off) vs mechanical, and even new digital cameras like the Sony F65 have mechanical shutters exactly like film cameras.

Comment Re:Stop renting DVD's (Score 2) 547

"Answer #1: Any professional with any ambition at all. Collective bargaining agreements are a noose around the neck of anybody with the ambition to better themselves."

Bullshit. How do you figure? You are always free to negotiate yourself above and beyond what your union sets for everybody. I negotiate my salary myself on union jobs ALL THE TIME, and haven't worked for the union minimum in a long long time.

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