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Comment: Re:what bs are you posting (Score 3, Interesting) 129

by Dragoniz3r (#33711576) Attached to: Hawking Radiation Claimed Created In a Lab
Although, the black holes that can currently evaporate due to this mechanism are (as I understand it) well below stellar mass. The amount of hawking radiation that larger black holes emit is below the amount of energy they receive from the cosmic microwave background, thus they cannot evaporate.

Comment: Re:Easy solution (Score 3, Funny) 165

by Dragoniz3r (#33649120) Attached to: Twitter Suffers Web Interface Exploit
I'm sorry, but 1994 called, and it wants its World Wide Web back. Interactive webpages are the future, they are actually really nice when they're done properly, and denying that is just holding you back. I expect that sooner or later secure programming mentalities will become deeply ingrained in Web programming, and things like this will stop happening. There will always be bugs, but that's no different from any other software.

NoScript is a much better solution than out-and-out disabling javascript anyways.

Comment: Re:Waste (Score 1) 488

by Dragoniz3r (#33643030) Attached to: Airbus Planning Transparent Planes

Plus you're more likely to scare people off by doing so than gain new passengers; who wants to fly on an airline which is so scared of their planes crashing that they fit parachutes to them?

Right, because knowing that my airline provider DENIES their engineering problems, rather than providing backup systems, is what I really want.

Comment: Not running it... (Score 5, Insightful) 488

by Dragoniz3r (#33632118) Attached to: Linux Kernel Exploit Busily Rooting 64-Bit Machines
Am I the only person who says "hell no" to running that "diagnosis" program? After looking through the code real quick, I have no interest whatsoever in running a program that performs the very exploit I'm supposed to be scared of, cuz I don't have time to make sure ksplite neutralized it properly. Also, since it's only a local exploit, I'm not concerned enough about it to run a diagnosis tool that implements it.

And good lord god almighty, what 12 year old wrote this code, that they think having function names like put_your_hands_up_hooker() makes them cool?

Comment: Re:Protocol, not code (Score 1) 206

by Dragoniz3r (#33612864) Attached to: Security Concerns Paramount After Early Reviews of Diaspora Code
You've heard of encryption, right? You make a lot of bold claims but I don't see any facts to back them up. Doesn't matter how many globs of data your provider is hosting, if they don't have the encryption keys to read them. Of course the challenge then becomes making sure that your friends have your decryption keys, and only your friends. Getting the keys to your friends is relatively easy. Making sure they don't share them with dataharvesters/other people is a little more complicated, and I don't know of a general solution to that problem, but that doesn't mean it's an impossible problem.

Comment: Re:Can't hide SSN, wait till it is your health inf (Score 1) 100

by Dragoniz3r (#33568112) Attached to: US Gov't Makes a Mess of Classifying Sensitive Data

Heck, they LOST (JUST LOST!) Billions of the stimulis money that they have no accounting for

It sounds awful, but frankly I think this fact is blown out of proportion. I occasionally lose the odd dollars in my own budget, which is MUCH less complex than the national budget. It's the same thing, just a bigger scale. Nothing so ridiculous about losing a few billion here or there when you're dealing with a budget of nearly 4 trillion dollars...
Is it a good thing? No, not at all. But it's not something you should keep parroting anytime the subject of government comes up.

"The only way I can lose this election is if I'm caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy." -- Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards