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Operating Systems

Submission OS upgrades powered by Git->

JamieKitson writes: The latest Webconverger 15 release is the first Linux distribution to be automagically updatable from a Github repository. The chroot of the OS is kept natively in git's format and fuse mounted with git-fs. Webconverger fulfills the Web kiosk use case, using Firefox and competes indirectly with Google Chrome OS. Chrome OS also has an autoupdate feature, however not as powerful, unified & transparent as when simply using git. bod
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Comment Webconverger with Java (Score 1) 387

Webconverger is a locked down Debian, that only allows access to a Web browser. Conceivably the Java testing app could be deployed through the browser via their Java browser plugin.

By default Webconverger does not ship with Java, though you can order a customised version from with it included.

Comment Webconverger 5.7 features HTML5 video support (Score 2, Informative) 372

Today Webconverger released with an HTML5 video enabled build today:

The plan is once HTML5 video becomes prevalent, the integrated proprietary flash player will be dropped.

Comment How about writing a Web game? (Score 1) 43

Write a Web game application and ensure it works smoothly in the Android browser. i.e. Tweaking the CSS for bigger buttons etc. etc.

BONUS: Should work on the Iphone too and any Web browser ... yowsers!

I think the most compelling games platform is the Web. Someone needs to write a cool simple game like BRE or Planetarium. =)

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