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Comment: Re:Their web site doesn't say much (Score 2) 391

by JamieKitson (#47653487) Attached to: Is "Scorpion" Really a Genius?

My favourite bit of the home page is the table hard coded to look like a bullet list:

<!-- Begin Left Column Content -->
<table width="350" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<!-- Entry 1 -->
<tr >
<td class="rowbullet">&bull;</td>
<td class="rowBulletContent">We saved $43 billion in opportunity risks over</td>
<td class="rowbullet">&nbsp;</td>
<td class="rowBulletContent">a five-year period <a href="quality-assur.html">SEE HOW</a></td>
<td class="rowbullet">&nbsp;</td>
<td class="rowBulletContent">&nbsp;</td>
<!-- Entry 2 -->
<td class="rowbullet">&bull;</td>
<td class="rowBulletContent">We achieved a 6000% increase in transaction</td>


Comment: Re:Now and then.. (Score 1) 270

by JamieKitson (#46333617) Attached to: How much time do you spend gaming compared to 10 years ago?

Also I think that if you married the right person they will love you more than the kids.

Such women only flourish in societies that aren't working to turn both genders feral for the sake of ego-driven identity politics/ideology or profit motive. I wish you luck if you live in the west. You'll need it.

+5 Insightful? WTF is moderating this stuff?

Comment: Light on evidence, heavy on conjecture (Score 1) 110

by JamieKitson (#46324455) Attached to: Lumia Phones Leaking Private Data To Microsoft

TFA reads like a gossip column. I see no evidence to back up any of the claims, in fact the claims themselves seem to be pretty woolly. There's no mention of what's being uploaded and why, could it be a backup option? Local search results, etc? As a Lumia user I would love to read an article by a techie with some experimental results. In fact if this is true I'm surprised that no one's done these tests already, it surely would have got out there by now.

Comment: Depends which is "backup" and which is "media". (Score 1) 187

by JamieKitson (#45725171) Attached to: How much of your media do you store locally?

I keep all the photos I take locally and upload the better ones to Flickr. I call the local store a backup and the Flickr uploads the media and answered 0-20%, but some might view the local store as the media and the Flickr uploads as a backup.

As others have said I stopped collecting music/video locally once I knew I could stream/torrent anything I wanted whenever I wanted.

I'm really surprised at the results of this poll, I hope you all have off site backups!

For all of those of you saying that giving you data to 3rd parties allows them to start charging later Flickr recently went in the opposite direction.

"An entire fraternity of strapping Wall-Street-bound youth. Hell - this is going to be a blood bath!" -- Post Bros. Comics