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+ - Ron Paul's use of the Internet in his presidential

Submitted by
tres3 writes "A recent New York Times article explores some of the success that Ron Paul's presidential campaign has had in using the Internet. The author correctly states that others aren't as successful because their approach led many to micromanage their Web sites. By contrast, [Ms. Teachout] said, the Paul campaign took the opposite lesson that it was about openness and power. He has over 1140 MeetUp Groups in 900 cities (including one in the green zone in Baghdad) that have operated largely independently from the campaign.

For instance the ThisNovember5th site was setup by Trevor Lyman using a video created by James Sugra without even consulting the campaign. That site brought in $4.3M from 37,000 donors in 24 hours. Mr. Paul estimated that the one-day haul had brought $10 million worth of free publicity. Ron said he hadn't even gotten around to thanking them yet. THANKS Guys!! There is a new money bomb web site being prepared now in celebration of the Boston Tea Party

The article goes on to cover the wide variety of supporters that the Paul campaign has attracted. In reality Dr. Paul didn't create these groups; he simply gave them a focal point to rally behind. And he used the Internet to unite them, or more accurately, the users of the Internet found his message and united themselves behind it. I guess that is why the author titled the article 'The Web Finds Ron Paul, and Takes Him for a Ride'."

Comment: No need for a Firefox extention (Score 4, Informative) 251

by DosBubba (#15895294) Attached to: Defeating Google's Perpetual Search Logging
A Proxy AutoConfig (PAC) script is well suited for this task:
function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
if (shExpMatch(url, "*http://*.google.*"))
return "SOCKS"; //Proxy here
return "DIRECT";

Place the above in a text file, and set it as the automatic proxy config file for your web browser (for Firefox users, Preferences>General>Connection Settings).
The matching string *http://*.google.*" should be used instead of* as a foreign proxy will cause Google to redirect you to its respected cctld.

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