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Comment Re:First impressions of X11/Linux count (Score 1) 267 267

Perhaps the debate is which desktop environment to recommend to first-time users of X11/Linux so that they don't get a bad impression and misblame it on Linux.

Why would first-time users blame a bad DE on a kernel? Because you introduced the whole shebang to them as "Linux"?

elementaryOS repudiates the 'Linux distro' concept for this very reason. They see promise in the Linux kernel and other components as good raw material, but also that giving average users or beginners an OS that looks/feels like Batman on one machine and The Joker on the next (and using the same term for them all to signify something buried deep within) is a recipe for consumer exasperation and rejection. App developers won't see a Linux distro as steady ground (i.e. a 'platform') on which to attract and support users, and those users won't be able to recognize "Linux" anyway.

Comment Re:Yes I'm old.. (Score 2) 267 267

Their goal was obviously to accommodate touchscreen/tablet usage. But I think they failed... Notice how copy and paste are now less accessible than they used to be, and most of the buttons -- although fingertip-sized -- are now smaller.

Even worse --- Fire up Totem sometime. In its new incarnation you can't ever see a timeline unless you hover a mouse pointer over it, and the play list is gone in favor of showing multiple files/URLs as a grid of icons. But the grid cannot be manipulated in any way -- you can't add stuff to it!

So someone at the Gnome project decided that a text editor needed to be adapted to touchscreen use, but that a movie player shouldn't burden the user with something as simple as a LIST.


Re: OP -- Yes Gnome 3 feels more cohesive (a rare thing in the Linux world), but its cohesive shittiness.
They really can't hold a candle to the top-down integration (and functional design sense) of elementaryOS.

Comment Re: Good for greece (Score 1) 1307 1307

Your economy is largely underpinned by expansion of the EU in the pursuit of relentless "economic growth". Business has been extremely good for countries like Germany because they have the EU hinterlands holding the currency valuation down. A Germany with just a Deutschmark would scarcely be able to find buyers for its expensive wares. Similarly, the EU countries that are largely justifying their existence by offering banking services to the world benefit greatly from dealing in a continent-wide currency.

So those are the upshots of EU expansionism (and all the exceptions eurocrats made when faced with the acquisition of new territory). The downside is that you cannot treat relatively un-industrialized / un-financialized lands just like they are France or Germany. You have the responsibility of either putting them into a 'Marshal Plan' to industrialize/financialize them, or structurally accommodate (subsidize) them based on their own economic profiles. Or, some measure of both.

There is also something to be learned from the Scandinavian rejection of the euro:

Most of its members’ governments did not seek their people’s approval to turn over their monetary sovereignty to the ECB. When Sweden’s did, Swedes said no. They understood that unemployment would rise if the country’s monetary policy were set by a central bank that focused single-mindedly on inflation (and also that there would be insufficient attention to financial stability). The economy would suffer, because the economic model underlying the eurozone was predicated on power relationships that disadvantaged workers.

Greeks are not entirely to blame for their situation. A lot of the dishonesty has come from the direction of the EU and EC, who started pushing policies to remake Europe in the image of the United States.

Comment Re:Fucking Lawyers (Score 1) 181 181

Even mere usage could be risky - If I code an application that utilizes most/all of a copyrighted API's objects and methods, then my program may include a reflection or copy of the API I'm using.

Making an API freely available to use by application programmers is an invitation to copy it in a sense. That's part of how its used. Its not much of a leap to say that implies that APIs are a special class of code covered entirely by fair-use if authors do not restrict who can code for them.

In any case... Does not every BIOS depend on APIs? How did we even get the PC compatible revolution in the first place?!

Comment Re:Ironically, it's the media's fault (Score 1) 230 230

Perhaps its the media's fault for providing such bad raw material for the program in the first place. They condition it to be a movie junkie (presumably with a short attention span) and then expect it gracefully handle a _philosophical_ discussion? They might as well have asked it the secret to world peace.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 219 219

Steve Jobs once said the Amiga was an inspiration for the NeXT computer (as I recall, he was quoted in BYTE magazine). What made the NeXT really interesting was not just on the software side (with heavy object-orientation and display postscript) but also in its hardware: DSP, smart IO controllers and plenty of DMA channels echo the Amiga's coprocessors attached to DMA channels.

Comment Re:Holy Cow (Score 1) 219 219

What makes the newer keyboards mediocre is the change in layout, not the keys. The new layout removes some keys and changes the position of some others. Some models even have dedicated function keys removed. This, along with the removal of switches and indicator lights, is an attempt by Lenovo to out-Apple Apple in sleekness -- at some point you're just removing functionality that will be missed. The hardware minimalism has gone too far (and in the case of missing airplane-mode switches, robs of useful security features).

As for the keyboard, the new keycaps are flatter to save space, but are also wider and retain a sculpted shape. And they sit atop the same keyswitches from traditional Thinkpad keyboards. So the physical qualities of the new keys are the best of the old and the new. Lenovo should give us the old layout with the new keycaps.

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