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Comment Re:I'm going to try to avoid getting nauseous (Score 1) 233

But in the true capitalistic fashion, there would be an app for every taxi company. Some might band together and unite under a single one, as long as they each only serviced a certain area. The general quality of the apps would range from "truly abysmal" to "kind of works." To top it off, while it might be OK for locals to have a favorite cab company and get their app, how is a visitor supposed to choose from the sundry list of possible apps? If I'm traveling often, do I now have to have a half dozen taxi apps for every city I find myself in?

Comment Re: Stop teaching shitty code (Score 1) 30

here's a Visual Studio plugin for Minecraft mods now, and I'm pretty sure the port for XBox isn't java. It's at rev 1.8 and 2.0 probably isn't far off.

It's not. But apparently the Windows 10 version is based of the current Minecraft PE version, which is written in C++. The Xbox version would be a bad base since it can't do infinite worlds and probably has huge swaths of it written specifically for controllers, etc.

They haven't been too specific about any of it, but I would imagine that this Windows 10 edition is going to be the only edition before too long. Maybe they'll have a Mac version. Linux is probably fucked.

The fanboys don't want to admit it, but as far as I'm concerned the writing is on the wall for the existing Java version.

Comment Re:That was easy (Score 1) 867

I upgraded to Windows 10 from 7, and it left Grub untouched. Of course, it still says "Boot Windows 7," but that's not very important.

I would imagine, however, that doing a full install might mess with the existing boot loader configuration. There are probably other variables at work as well, such as which drive has the MBR, which drive is being used for Windows, etc.

Comment Re:Yes, comments are too hard to police. (Score 1) 226

Keeping covering for them you fascist goon. It's obvious that these sites are shifting back to the old media propaganda model, but they can always rely on cult memebers like yourself to shit on us who call them out on it. Go eat a fucking subway.

Hear hear! Fellow patriot, it's quality comments like yours that are the proverbial baby being thrown out with the bath water. Without well informed comments like this, how does society expect the sheeple to ever get a clue? Please, I beg of you, don't ever give up the good fight!

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 904

Don't worry, the automakers are taking care of that problem by... tracking you every where you go and when you do so, so they can sell it to marketers.

If you thought "owning" a car somehow got you out of the ubiquitous tracking and data collection that is coming to define this century, you're a fool.

Comment Re:So far so good.... (Score 1) 317

They only did the version numbers like that because stupid developers write crap like

// Make sure we're not running XP...
if (WINVER_MAJOR != 6) { ... }

and other assorted dumb-fuckery that'd break if Windows 7 were actually Windows 7.0. Add in the Java way of determining OS that returns strings like "Windows 95" with which morons write

if (System.getProperty("").startswith("Windows 9")) { ... }

because they wanted to handle both Win95 and Win98 at once.

The actual version number of Windows 10 is... 10.0, so they get to start from a nice round number and increment sanely (maybe, too many windows devs are still too dumb to live).

Comment Re:It's IBM's fault. Everyone copied the PC. (Score 1) 698

You can still buy keyboards with a DIP switch to swap the CTRL and Caps Lock keys.

That sounds expensive and unnecessary. It's pretty simple to remap (or swap) the keys with software, even Windows will let you do it, albeit with a registry change. I typically just remap caps to control. Can't say that I've missed caps lock, it isn't that hard to hold down shift and type. The only problem is being used to having a control key instead of caps is using computers where it isn't remapped. I'm forever turning on caps lock when I have to use other peoples computers. Grrr

Comment Re:AdBlock+ does less, eats more & 'souled-out (Score 1) 394

I'm trying to figure out how exactly he knows when to jump in with his verbal diarrhea. I suspect he's got some web searches for "adblock" and "apk", among other things. He clearly takes this all very seriously, keeping tabs on his various anonymous posts so he can jump in with his super clever "you still can't prove me wrong" and if you really rustle his jimmies he'll stalk you and post about how you're a troll and shit. Which is pretty amusing, since his constant crapfloods and shit posts are classic trolling. Guess it takes one to know one, eh APK?

P.s. inb4 "Show me your medical license 'Doc' Honcho, blah blah blah."

Comment Re:At least he included warrants (Score 2) 260

The "evil bad guys" are a subset of the "general public", so the collection of information on "the evil bad guys" necessitates the collection of information on the general public.

It's all just a matter of definition. "We have to collect data from Everyone because the bad guys are a part of Everyone." It's simple logistics, we can't just collect the data from the bad guys if we don't know who the bad guys are, and even when we do, the bad guys pretend to be part of the General Public and so we need to spy on the General Public in order to catch the bad guys.

Look, it's all really complicated and we can't expect just anyone to understand our motivations. We're really only looking for "the bad guys," we promise. We totally ignore all the rest of the data we get from the "good guys" and we certainly don't build dossiers in the event that "good guys" suddenly become "bad guys".

Listen, just chill the fuck out about all our surveillance, we're totally not looking at you, unless we are, in which case you deserve to be spied upon because we said you're bad. And our accusation of your badness will require a secret court to clear your name, but you can't know what that secret court has determined because it's secret and your a goddamned terrorist if you think otherwise.

Comment Re:At least he included warrants (Score 1) 260

A Warrant, in modern nomenclature is a License. You were presented with something akin to a EULA upon birth, and by agreeing to being born you agreed to grand an exclusive, unlimited license to the state to do whatever they want to you, whenever they feel like.

Welcome to Democracy 2.0. Please click Agree to the Constitution 2.0 EULA.

Comment Re:At least he included warrants (Score 2) 260

Not unless you include secret courts, in which you will have an impossible time proving that you have standing to sue. If the order to collect information about you is secret and you don't have clearance, good luck trying to prove that anything illegal is happening to you because you cannot access information which proves you're being harmed.

It's perfect: We obtain a secret order to spy on Bob, who cannot defend himself because he doesn't have clearance to prove that we're secretly spying on him. We'll just let him spin his wheels with the tin-foil and black helicopter crowd. LOL.

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