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Comment: Re:Bad headline (Score 1) 62

by Qzukk (#49746691) Attached to: Academics Build a New Tor Client Designed To Beat the NSA

your traffic wasn't interesting enough

How interesting is interesting enough? Interesting enough to spend $5 on? $0.05? GCHQ redirected the slashdot site for Belgacom users to their own servers, so slashdot readers are at least that interesting, and mass observation programs like PRISM make it cheaper and cheaper to watch you.

Comment: Re:Only Two Futures? (Score 1, Flamebait) 608

by Raul654 (#49726175) Attached to: The Demographic Future of America's Political Parties

>NOMINATE scales people based on their choices relative to contemporaries

That's exactly *why* it works across decades. Because it allows a continuous chain of comparison even between people who never served together. (E.g, person A served with person B, person B later served with person C, person C later served with person D, etc)

Comment: Re:Only Two Futures? (Score 5, Informative) 608

by Raul654 (#49725605) Attached to: The Demographic Future of America's Political Parties

> "JFK was more conservative than most conservatives are today"


Keith T. Poole at the University of Georgia has built his career on quanitfying the liberality/conservativeness of politics.

I couldn't find his numbers for John Kennedy, but he gave John Kennedy a -.318 during the 83rd Congress, making him the 15th most liberal member of that body. By comparison, in today's Senate, he'd rank as the 31st most liberal senator, between Senators Wyden and Murphy, and more liberal than EVERY SINGLE Republican in Congress.

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Journal: Two minutes of euuugh 2

Journal by Qzukk

Chrome's new bookmark manager is definitely a poster child for "half-ass it then push it to the masses". It seems to be working hard to almost replicate the Windows 8.0 Metro interface that everyone loved down to the "checkmark a tile to open the menu".


Comment: Re:Summary is Misleading (Score 1) 152

by Qzukk (#49682531) Attached to: How Responsible Are App Developers For Decisions Their Users Make?

if an app pretends to offer a service and then can't deliver, or provides data that leads to bad decisions

It's more than that. How about an app that offers the ability for a doctor to purge the record of a certain bad decision? How about a financial app that allows double bookkeeping, if someone was so inclined to hide their embezzlement? How about a default password of 12345, after all it's the user's responsibility to fix it?

There are plenty of ways to make apps that do the wrong thing, correctly.

Comment: Re:Libertarians are to the right of Republicans (Score 2) 249

Authoritarians, of both the "left" and "right" wings, love to use government force

Agreed, look no farther than reactions to the war on drugs. A local government banning Big Gulps because it's bad for you is government overreach into areas of your life and people should have the personal responsibility not to overuse, but we need to spend billions of dollars at the federal level to prevent people with no personal responsibility from smoking a plant they grew in their own backyard because it's bad for you.

Comment: Re:No single payer (Score 1) 532

by Qzukk (#49630661) Attached to: The Medical Bill Mystery

I know I do.

Yeah, I can imagine you sitting there after a car wreck, horribly mangled, holding onto consciousness just so you can make sure that they take you to the best hospital. Wait! Is this ambulance fully accredited and received at least an A rating from Consumer Reports? No? Well, I'll just wait here for one that is.

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