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Comment: Re:Plain text e-mail... (Score 0) 85

by Threni (#48685375) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Companies With Poor SSL Practices?

OP's point is that it's nothing to do with SSL.

Email needs to die. Security problems, spam, people (accidentally or deliberately) sending emails to loads of people, where everyone can see everyone else's contact details etc etc. Sure, some edge cases exist where you need to receive email from people you don't know, but for 99% of users IM works a hell of a lot better.

Comment: Hello, FTC / DOJ? (Score 0) 129

by tambo (#48682147) Attached to: Google and Apple Weaseling Out of "Do Not Track"

If true - how is this not a flagrant antitrust violation?

Company X provides a device that collects personal data.

Company X announces a standard that prevents anyone from using such data for purposes such as advertising without the user's consent.

Company X exempts its own services from this restriction, such that its services - which otherwise compete on par with third-party services - can utilize such data notwithstanding, or even contrary to, the user's explicit withholding of consent.

Company X's services therefore have an unfair competitive advantage that is directly leveraged on Company X's sale of the device to users.

This is pretty much the definition of unfair competition in the form of tying, If the FTC / DoJ Antitrust Division had any teeth and, er, other body parts, it would be all over this.

Comment: Re:Oh yeah, it's "bombing" in the US alright... (Score 2) 262

by Threni (#48681859) Attached to: The Interview Bombs In US, Kills In China, Threatens N. Korea

"That doesn't mean it's a good movie."

What's that got to do with bombing? Nobody cares if a movie is any good; the people who make it only care about return on investment, then making a profit, and people who like it will like it regardless of other people's opinions.

Comment: Re:New director, new cast? (Score 1) 328

Karl Urban *NAILED* the role right from the beginning. John Cho sort of has the Sulu character down... remember Sulu always wanted to be a swashbucker (see "The Naked Time").

I'm still iffy on the rest of the cast. There are times when they seem to to fit into the characters, but then there are the horrendously awful moments...

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