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Comment: Re:se the problem with teaching math is (Score 1) 1153 1153

I have never once in class found out how or why the formula's and expressions and equations were created.

The class you're looking for is a "Sets and Logic" course. It's usually taught as a prerequisite to an introductory discrete math course in university.

Years of high school education convinced me that math was nothing more than a rote excersize in symbol memorization and manipulation, but taking that class completely changed my perspective. It covers the logic used by mathematicians in explicit detail and builds mathematical intuition that helps students see how equations, theorems, etc... are created from the mathematician's perspective.

Comment: Re:How long afterwards does it last? (Score 1) 258 258

Methamphetamine is better than all of them. It's a non selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor AND releaser, such that it's effect lasts roughly 8 times longer than cocaine and is more potent.

Ironically, buproprion is a distant relative of methamphetamine.

The rate at which a disease spreads through a corn field is a precise measurement of the speed of blight.