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Comment: Re:Makes sense (Score 2) 144

by Demonantis (#47670525) Attached to: Telegram Not Dead STOP Alive, Evolving In Japan STOP
Here in Canada faxing is still common industries that do international business for the exact reason that emailing PDFs doesn't work. Some countries simply don't have reliable internet services. Telegram services probably still exist world wide since they are legally binding unlike email. Its one of those funny quirks about the legal system. Maybe people would have less problems cancelling with Comcast if they sent notice through telegram.

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by Demonantis (#47492005) Attached to: Japan To Offer $20,000 Subsidy For Fuel-Cell Cars
Not all fuel cells require hydrogen gas. There is a significant amount of R&D into natural gas based cells. Everything you said is why the non hydrogen fuel cells are probably going to become the mainstay technology. This would mean the technology will probably never become carbon neutral.

Comment: Re:Fight for consumers (Score 1) 211

by Demonantis (#47158989) Attached to: Amazon Confirms Hachette Spat Is To "Get a Better Deal"
I think Kickstarter is going to do more damage to the publishing industry than Amazon. I have kickstarted several where the author gives you a unedited pdf upfront and is using the kickstarter funds to pay an editor and artist. You need to remember that publishers don't have a right to stay in business. They have to keep themselves relevant.

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That is a fantastic statistic until you realize most other minerals have less assured resource potential. Companies only start exploring for deposits when it makes sense so there is always about 100 years of found exploitable deposits. In the crust uranium is estimated to be as common as tin and zinc. It is a limited amount, but it isn't like you make it seem. Ideally we should be moving to solar power, but nuclear is viable in the current term and is much better than oil or gas for the environment.

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This is the proper mentality. Motorcycle user do this all the time. You drive as defensively as you reasonable can so you don't end up an organ donor. Cars do it around transport trucks. With bicycles I think there a conflict of interests regarding the labour intensiveness of the activity that overrides some peoples safety judgement.

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by Demonantis (#46879975) Attached to: Oklahoma Botched an Execution With Untested Lethal Injection Drugs
A properly designed hanging also works this way. Hell, build in a safety factor with extra height and the head literally pops off. No funny contraptions or risk of a ricocheting bullet. Lethal injection is probably one of the worst methods of performing the death penalty. It just looks cleaner. There is just too much unreliability in how the individual reacts to the medication.

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When I got my drivers license I didn't have any photo ID. In Ontario there is a vouching system so you use your doctor, dentist, pastor, or other licensed person of notability to confirm your identity. They have to have known you for a period greater than 5 years which is pretty easy with those individuals. I think they risk their professional licensing so the fraud is very low. Hopefully you don't have a party at your house with all the professionals you know and you leave to get more beer when it explodes. Then I have no idea what you would do.

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by Demonantis (#46875521) Attached to: Microsoft Continues To Lose Money With Each Surface Tablet It Sells
I think the majority of the problem is that Microsoft stock isn't seen as a risky growing company stock. The stockholders aren't expecting quarters with losses. Taking a loss on the tablets is hurting the shareholders profit margin and they aren't happy about it. I think the same concerns were raised with the initial performance of the Xbox so they will probably see it through and improve the tablet. The stockholders will just sit there grinding their teeth.

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