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Comment Proportional Representation (Score 0) 119

Lessig wants Proportional Representation via his Citizen Equality Act and ranked choice voting system.

If he manages to achieve that for the USA then it will be a huge historical leap forward.

It will mean the introduction of democracy to the USA - long overdue.

Comment Re:Not acupuncture (Score 1) 159

So... More research needed. This seems to be a common theme in science.

I would have more of a problem with a study instantly validating something instead of, we found this observation and we are trying to spend more time validating what we observe.

I don't usually respond to Anonymous Cowards but here we go. The "more research is needed" meme is a favourite from the loony altmed crowd. So I am guessing you are either Ms Ladan Eshkevari, Susan E. Mulroney, Rupert Egan, or Lixing Lao or some other loony who believes in this woo. What is needed is intelligent research. Not crap. And this "research" is, sadly, crap as I've demonstrated elsewhere in this discussion. But it is from Georgetown University, so I guess that's OK.

Comment Re:I'm laughing (Score 1) 159

Let me spell it out for you in the slightly modded words from LeadSongDog above. A proper test on "St-36" would include EA of nearby non-"St-36" points. Randomly select which EA to electrify. Vary over time. Cross-correlate the measured response series to each of the EA's selection series. Repeat until p=.05
The real challenge will be to do a blind study even among the four authors to pinpoint the alleged St-36 points on a series of rats. LOL LOL LOL cry LOL cry weep, oh my fucking god this is unbelievable shit. But it is coming from Georgetown Uni so that's all right.

Comment Re:Rubbish (Score 1) 159

Dear AC, I know that's you [editorial team for Ladan Eshkevari, Susan E. Mulroney, Rupert Egan, and Lixing Lao.] Since when is comedy vitriol? Filter the logic of my comment for comedy and you might learn something. Hey I just learned something else. Georgetown University is a hotbed for this sort of crap. Amazing how such poor "science" gets past the checkers.

Comment Rubbish (Score 3, Interesting) 159

I hate rubbish research and I hate rubbish research on slashdot.
Stick needles in anyone and you affect HPA axis. Doh!
Blast adrenal glands with electricity and you affect HPA axis. Another no brainer.
The real test, if these woo believers wanted to test the magic scientific meridian whacko superpoint stomach meridian point 36 (St36) [help me stop laughing], is to do the magic at various points on the poor bloody rats and see what happens (including the little itty bitty points close to the magic St36).
I sincerely hope no taxpayer money went into this particular egregious piece of flam. Check out this for NZ subsidy of this religion:

Comment Re:Not Computational RAM (Score 2) 53


and can someone confirm this UMM (Universal Memcomputing Machine) is not the UMM U-MM Unbounded-MM related to RMM of the class of languages recognized by KWQFA's with cut-point (i.e. with unbounded error) of Brodsky and Pippenger 1999 paper . And I found this while trying to understand. "What is the largest probability with which a 1QFA can accept the language. in contrast to the model 1QFA discussed so far, that has been then termed as MM-1QFA (many measurements) model."

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