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Comment: Re:Arrgh! Where's my 16:10 (Score 1) 311

by Deflatamouse (#42264773) Attached to: LG Introduces Monitor With 21:9 Aspect Ratio

Is is a reasonable price maybe 4 years ago. The prices of 16:10's haven't come down at all, while you can buy 16:9's on sale at around $140 (or less).

We really would like to be able to buy 16:10's at around that price. even if at 11% higher price for the extra screen real estate, it should only cost about $155. The price on this website is twice that. It's NOT reasonable because it's at a premium compared to the other ratios.

Comment: Re:Thanks, but no thanks (Score 2) 161

by Deflatamouse (#38016064) Attached to: China Telecom Mulls Entry Into US Telecoms Market

The corporation is not the same as the country it is from. Of course the CCP may be in control of the company. But they would have to obey U.S. laws if they were to operate on U.S. soil. WIth that said, I'll give them a try if they offer $5 unlimited voice and data plans ;-) At lease until other carriers lower their prices. Competition is a good thing.

Comment: Re:More tech detail (Score 0) 180

by Deflatamouse (#35084436) Attached to: Asus, Gigabyte To Replace All Sandy Bridge Boards

Though there are a lot of motherboard variations, they are all built with mostly standard parts with well published design guidelines, e.g. an Intel reference design. I would say most boards out there are simply a small variation from the reference design. The chipsets are also likely designed with the tolerance for trace length, clock, voltage variations, etc.

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