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Comment: Has anyone cancelled yet? (Score 1) 364

by DeanLearner (#34833784) Attached to: T-Mobile Slashes Fair Use Policy, Says Download At Home
I am with T-mobile and it is my first ever contract phone. I went in to a shop and specifically asked for their cheapest tariff with unlimited internet access (Flext 30). It was more expensive than other options but I was happy with this because I wanted a plan with unlimited internet. So basically, what I pay is absolutely no better than anyone else? Is this grounds to cancel my contract without a fee? What really takes the piss is that they say to do "that stuff" on my broadband connection. 1) Don't assume I have broadband. 2) Don't tell me an alternative solution to you fucking up my current one.

Comment: Re:Nice (Score 1) 362

by DeanLearner (#33201982) Attached to: Gamer Plays <em>Doom</em> For the First Time
^ this :)

I played Doom 2 before I played the first one and it got me in the exact way you describe.

The demo that played in the background of the title screen was the 'Circle of Death' level and I remember thinking "How is the person playing this level able to cope?" It was traumatic just watching it! I struggled enough with the early levels and it was very much a case of....

Run in room
Get enemy attention
Run out of room
Hope enemy walks out on his own (which didn't happen most of the time because of the simple AI!)

Seeing a Keycard in the middle of a room, all on its own less for a flickering light.... You know what's next, you know you have to get the key card, but still you stand there hesitating.

Comment: I bet it'll be really good. (Score 1) 128

by DeanLearner (#32205684) Attached to: BT Gets Exclusive Rights To OnLive In the UK
Between 2am and 4am and if you're lucky 10am and 12am weekdays.

I had BT Broadband in Canterbury and jesus christ was it awful the rest of the time. I've used Sky broadband not 200 metres away in another house and it's pretty damn good all of the time, that or maybe my expectations of ADSL have been lowered so much it just seems damn good.

Comment: X has been doing it for years! (Score 3, Insightful) 295

by DeanLearner (#32181904) Attached to: Creating a Better Facebook
First everyone hosted their own site themselves (I believe this was the case? I didn't really do that part)
Then everyone had sites hosted elsewhere (geocities)
Then everyone had a page on a single site (facebook)
Soon everyone will have their own facebook (diaspora)
And then everyone will have their own... everything on their own server... kinda like Unite by... Opera! Always two steps ahead

Comment: Tips to make things seem faster (Score 5, Funny) 570

by DeanLearner (#32168598) Attached to: Mozilla Reveals Firefox 4 Plans
1) Have your monitor shake and blow air in your face while opening a browser.
2) Add some motion blur when scrolling a page.
3) Lower your desk. Generally, the closer to the floor you are the faster it seems. I am using go karts as an example.
4) Make ALL youtube videos play at 2x speed except for videos about rival browsers, which shall be played at 0.5x.

Comment: The experience isn't actually any better (Score 3, Interesting) 177

by DeanLearner (#32124002) Attached to: Scribd Switches To HTML5
So from a clients perspective (mine in this case)the HTML5 experience is slow whereas the flash experience is reasonably quick.

And from the server point of view HTML5 is slower as well...

HTML5 - Served by app04 in 1.168 secs. cpu: 1.100

Flash - Served by app10 in 0.482 secs. cpu: 0.420

What's the point then?

Comment: Spyfolder (Score 5, Funny) 322

by DeanLearner (#31451664) Attached to: Hollow Spy Coins
Give me 20 quid and I will install a SPY FOLDER on your computer, whether it's Windows, Mac or Linux.

You too can store things INSIDE your very own SPY FOLDER. Features include

Store things inside.
Keep things separate from other things that are not inside your SPY FOLDER.
All this and more!

Again, all yours for just 20 quid. Call 555-HAPPYDUDE now.

Comment: Reminds me of day time house buying programmes (Score 1) 683

by DeanLearner (#31356242) Attached to: Ubuntu Gets a New Visual Identity
Bitching about themes, reminds me of those TV programmes where a presenter or two show a couple various houses in the hope that they will buy one.

They roll up to the house, walk into the living room and say "no, i don't like the paint, or that chair, that dog looked at me weird."


No one uses Ubuntu because it's brown. FACT.

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