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+ - Nintendo Announces Smartphone Publishing Deal, New Hardware

Submitted by Daetrin
Daetrin writes: At a press conference yesterday in Japan Nintendo announced a stock-exchange deal with DeNA, which will give Nintendo a 10% interest in the company. DeNA is the owner of Mobage, a mobile gaming platform, and through them Nintendo will be releasing games on Android and iOS devices. It was emphasized that these games would be new games made specifically for the platform rather than ports of existing games.

Nintendo also announced that they are working on new gaming hardware with the codename "NX", which will feature an "entirely new concept." Nintendo did not state if it would be a console, a handheld, some kind of hybrid, or something completely different. Iwata, Nintendo's CEO, did state that the new hardware is unrelated to the collaboration with DeNA and the announcement was intended to emphasize that Nintendo is not abandoning it's core business of dedicated devices.

Engadget has a write-up detailing Nintendo's (non-)history with mobile gaming.

Comment: This whole thing seems like an ad for the Wii U (Score 3, Insightful) 126 126

While pretending like the Wii U doesn't exist. Yes, I'm sure 2014 will be the year where having a second screen off the TV is a gaming essential for the next generation of gamers. Unlike 2012/2013 when everyone hated that idea and thought Nintendo was stupid for trying it.

Comment: Enough with the cake analogy :P (Score 1) 917 917

by DeanCubed (#46342793) Attached to: Apple Urges Arizona Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Legislation

I'm a DJ - I like a certain type of music, but if I get hired to DJ a dance, and the people are requesting Justin Bieber songs, who am I to tell these people that Bieber sucks and refuse to play their requests? I can hate Bieber all I want at home, but when I'm working - dammit I'll sing along to every Bieber song out there if that's what the guy paying me and his guests hire me to do!

Comment: Re:Lack of clear plan (Score 1) 559 559

by DeanCubed (#46023143) Attached to: How Can Nintendo Recover?

The Wii U is a Wii with a better processor/graphics, yes.

The Xbox One is a Xbox 360 with a better processor/graphics.
The PS4 is a PS3 with a better processor/graphics.

That's good enough for most people to buy an Xbox One or PS4, why does Nintendo have to do some crazy out there extra thing for you to want it?

And why is everyone complaining about launch software? It's been out over a year, there's lots of games out now. I really don't see why you care which Mario game came out first. Buy the games that look the most fun. If you don't want Mario or Zelda, Nintendo also makes other games, some of which will be coming out in the coming months, like Bayonetta and Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensai. There's also - get this - OTHER COMPANIES making games for the Wii U. And they are all available on the download store or in real life stores. If you take 3 seconds to google, I'm sure you could find 4 or 5 games that YOU would like. Need for Speed? Call of Duty? Watch Dogs? Scribblenauts? Trine 2? What kind of games do you WANT?

The problem is, if it doesn't have Mario or Zelda in the title, people who do no research will never find out about these other games. And Nintendo does a terrible job and reminding people that "hey, the new Call of Duty is on our system too!" "Oh by the way there's an online store!" and "Yes, we have more than 4 franchises that we make games about!"

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