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Comment: Re:drunken troubleshooting in 3 years (Score 2) 235

by DeHackEd (#45178177) Attached to: NFTables To Replace iptables In the Linux Kernel

> [root@wang]# iptables -F

Suddenly your INPUT chain policy of DROP kills all traffic and your ssh session drops. (You do have a default policy of DROP, right?)

Seriously, don't do that on an unknown system.

(I post this because I've had vendors' support try to remedy problems by disabling the firewall. :/)

Comment: Sync vs Useful rates (Score 2) 228

by DeHackEd (#37094110) Attached to: The FCC Says ISPs Aren't Hitting Advertised Speeds

I know DSL, being an ATM-based technology and often subjected to PPPoE overhead, will score lower than rated. I have a 5 megabit connection but that's the sync rate. You can realistically expect to lose 9-10% just from the above overheads. That rather fits with the graphs I'm seeing.

I've seen some ISPs compensate by setting the sync rate above the advertised rate but most don't.

Comment: Write protect required (Score 1) 272

by DeHackEd (#36851762) Attached to: Apple Laptops Vulnerable To Battery Firmware Hack

I would argue that everything with writable firmware should have some kind of jumper on it (default: on) to write protect the firmware. Thus you can only patch firmware by inserting a jumper on the right pins.

Still, anyone should think twice before being told "short these contacts on your battery in order to enable firmware updates."

Comment: Broken CSS in FF2 (Score 1) 2254

by DeHackEd (#35006856) Attached to: Slashdot Launches Re-Design

I'm a firefox2 user (laugh it up, I'm not switching on this machine) with noscript. The CSS horribly broken, the sidebar follows me around cutting off content (as other people have said), there's a huge screenful of empty space on the homepage, content is fairly obviously in the wrong location and... oh god, click if you really want to see it. Turning off styles makes it slightly less painful.

And I just noticed the copyright on the bottom of the posting page here says (c) 201, Geeknet

Comment: Blocking access? (Score 1) 184

by DeHackEd (#29830355) Attached to: CRTC Issues Net Neutrality Rules

Hypothetical scenario: an ISP is under DDoS attack originating from some fixed foreign IP. Since it becomes impossible to "block access" without CRTC approval, does that mean the ISP has to take it like a bitch while waiting from the OK to have it blackholed? What about any other kinds of attacks? What about Spam filtering?

I really don't think the CRTC really understands the issue. I should know, I listened to some of the public hearings a few months back.

Disclaimer: I work for an affected ISP.

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