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Comment: Bought some raw seafood at the store... (Score 1) 958

by Dareth (#48970097) Attached to: Science's Biggest Failure: Everything About Diet and Fitness

I bought some raw seafood at the store the other day. The check-out clerk and the bag boy were both amazed that I could cook my own raw shrimp and snow crab legs. Many people really do have no idea how to cook other than to follow package directions for the microwave.

Comment: Can we test on Jupiter? (Score 3, Funny) 65

by Dareth (#48941411) Attached to: How Gaseous, Neptune-Like Planets Can Become Habitable

"This can eventually boil off most of the the gas atmosphere, leaving behind the core: a small, rocky world capable of supporting life.'

So after nano tech fiber makes space elevators possible, we can then work on a planet towing device to drag Jupiter in to the sweet spot where it will boil away and leave us Jupiter-2, Rocky Core Edition? Oh wait, first we need to drag a Red Dwarf star into our solar system. Damnable prerequisites.

Comment: My TRS-80 Color Edition (Score 2) 212

by Dareth (#48916573) Attached to: Why Coding Is Not the New Literacy

I spent a good bit of time in the woods building tree houses. Building a tree house followed a similar pattern each time. Find old tree houses in the woods. Scavenge material, especially the long boards for the floor/frame. Find or cut new material like saplings to fill in the gaps.

Then I got a TRS-80 Color Edition could hook to a TV. Suddenly I could "conjure up" raw material with code. If I needed a board I "coded" one. I could build anything I could imagine. I had indeed "become a wizard" and the world did indeed change.

Comment: In other countries... (Score 4, Informative) 253

by Dareth (#48874619) Attached to: IRS Warns of Downtime Risk As Congress Makes Cuts

In other countries, the government collects payroll information and prepares a tax statement for each citizen. People review the tax bill and pay if they owe money. Or they amend any information on income and pay the recalculated payment.

In the US, citizens are made to calculate their tax responsibility, or hire someone to do it. The government then tells them if they have their calculation correct with threat of penalty if done incorrectly.

How many QA engineers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 3: 1 to screw it in and 2 to say "I told you so" when it doesn't work.