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Comment: Re:Sign the petition (Score 3, Insightful) 277

by Dantoo (#46138533) Attached to: Australia OKs Dumping Dredge Waste In Barrier Reef

Hilarious the way the ultra-green misrepresent this stuff. Boldly lie and keep telling lies and the world just loves to be outraged. I've even seen some US media reporting that the spoils will be dumped on coral!.

What a load of crap. Simply moving dredge spoil from one place to another and under incredibly strict guidelines. The actual reef is 40 miles away from where this is happening and the local rivers spew far more "spoil" into the area every year from the rainy season. Stupid people believing the shit that comes from the WWF.


Comment: Re: Fucking rednecks (Score 1) 1030

by Dantoo (#45496897) Attached to: A War Over Solar Power Is Raging Within the GOP

I must be having a dull day. How are drilling rights a subsidy?
You have to pay for an exploration permit, spend massive amounts of money looking for oil, then spend billions more in drilling and exploitation. Quite a lot of that cost is in direct payments to governments at all levels for licensing, permits, impact assessments, regulatory compliance and now more than ever, public relations.

I just have a picture of old Wishbone in '49 climbing down off his mule and staking his claim. As he starts piling wash gravel, exercising his digging rights, Nelson Muntz walks past pointing "Ha Ha, subisidised bastard!"

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by Dantoo (#43845725) Attached to: Jeremy Hammond of LulzSec Pleads Guilty To Stratfor Attack

Pleading "not guilty" is a "plea" to charges laid and read. It is not a statement of facts. It is a formal notification that you are going to make a case for consideration by the Court. On some charges, in a number of jurisdictions, you are not even allowed to plea other than "not guilty". Pleading is not and cannot be either a truth or lie.

So, when did he lie?

Comment: Re:US Metric System (Score 1) 1387

My government issued compasses, prismatic, liquid damped, Barkers Francis, hand held, one, for the use of navigators, was marked in mils not degrees.
6283.1853 mils in a circle, but the U.S. military standardised this to 6400 mils to simplify things and everybody else had to go along with it or be shelled every day by "friendly fire" instead of just Saturdays.

Found a site that explains it thus:
"From the radian we get the mil, or mil-radian. This is another unit used to define angles. These are used by the military because an angle of n mils is n units wide at a distance of 1000 of the same units. So when viewed at 1000 metres a 3 metre long vehicle will appear to be 3 mils in length."

US Army - already secretly dealing it out in metric and keeping it classified.

Comment: Favourite Imran Story (Score 2) 560

Not long after Imran was voted as one of the world's most handsome, or sexiest, men (I can't remember exactly) he was playing in Australia and felled by a low blow. He slowly buckled over and tried to relieve some of the pain in his groin and ended on his knees, face on the pitch.

Richie Benaud : That shouldn't happen to a Prince. There will be tears in the eyes of young girls all over the world tonight.
Rod Marsh: Well I should think there's a few tears in Imran's eyes too Richie!

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