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Comment Re:Time to jump across the channel (Score 1) 187

Berlin, isn't that one of the most culturally diverse and liberal cities in the whole of Europe now? Have you ever travelled out of the US?

I'm not sure what the relevance of your comment was, nor what the intention of it was but if you haven't been to Berlin, you should go, it's fantastic.

Submission + - New report finds mobile apps regularly 'spy on users' (

DanJ_UK writes: The BBC reports that Apps on Apple and Android smartphones leak lots of users' information to third parties, research has suggested. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard, and Carnegie-Mellon universities studied 110 apps available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. They found 73% of the Android apps shared users' email addresses, and 47% of the iOS apps shared location data. Privacy International said it was more evidence of how devices "betray us". The study, Who Know What About Me? A Survey of Behind the Scenes Personal Data Sharing to Third Parties by Mobile Apps, tested 55 of the most popular Android apps and the same number of iOS apps.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Can we turn ReactOS into a viable alternative to Windows 10?

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft's telemetry features in Windows 10 are a privacy advocate's nightmare. Now that Microsoft is trying to back port these "features" into existing versions of Windows, it seems like many of us have no future upgrade path. Sure there is Linux, but I have some older Windows software that I still want to use. ReactOS is still out there, but does not look like there have been any updates in a while. Does the Slashdot community believe it is possible to get this project going full steam to producing a useable alternative for existing Windows users?

Comment Re:impressed again. (Score 1) 211

TFA you linked is talking about companies based on size, not technological innovation, it's misleading to say a technology company is not 'one of the best' just because they're not the size of Apple.

I can speak for the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden in saying we're all fantastically innovative nations and have huge technology markets, the fragmentation may not lead to companies the size of Apple but to dismiss them entirely is naive at best.

You seem to also forget that your Apple behemoths have development offices in London et al and brain drain a lot of talent from Europe that I've been categorically told time and time again you lack in places like Silicon Valley; this last point is particularly important, most of your huge firms got that way because of your rather relaxed antitrust laws compared to Europe. Whether that makes them good or bad is a debate that depends on too many factors that aren't even covered in your article.

Comment Re:impressed again. (Score 2) 211

"why all of the world's best tech firms are here"

It's that kind of ignorance that gives American a bad name, fortunately over the other side of the pond here we're not so ignorant to generalise that all Americans are ignorant idiots.

'All' of the world's best tech firms are not, in America, in fact the largest one in the world by revenue is in South Korea.

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