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Comment: Re:Does the UK even have terrorism threats? (Score 1) 254 254

Quite a few - List of terrorist incidents in Great Britain.

My friend was on the bus approaching the one that blew up on Tavistock square, and if I hadn't slept in that morning I would have been on that piccadilly line train.

A more interesting list would be the prevented / thwarted potential attacks; of which there have been many more than most with a lot more potential for significant loss of life.

Comment: Re:What's the big deal? (Score 1) 254 254

Conservatives (blue) aka ("Tories") see website (our current party for the last 5 year term and current term who were reelected in May) - are right wing, the Labour party (red) aka ("Idiots") [you can look for the labour party website yourself] are left wing socialists, although in recent years people like Tony Blair for example from the Labour party, were actually more centre right, resulting in an arguably ok PM that made some equally substantial fuck ups.

Our conservative party cuts welfare and taxes for business and drives an economy built on business that rewards the people that create jobs and grow the economy, Labour just hires more people to work for the government and public sector and increases welfare spending for those that manipulate a system Labour are too fair with.

Unlike the US, our welfare system isn't funded by paying back what you borrow, it's funded by every tax payer constantly; so it's great news that a lot of the sponging c**ts have fucked off to support another political party and left the conservative goverment that aids the further development of our economy and rewards all the hard workers instead of the lazy c**ts that sit on their arse all day expecting everything to be handed to them on a silver platter.

We're planning on ditching the European Human Rights bill now with our gov and adopting a 'British bill of human rights', among other things; which is shaping up to be more like the constitution you guys have to protect number 1, your nation, the UK becomes more like the US every day, fortunately though I feel we have it slightly better in areas where we have regulatory / administrative bodies that protect us from monopolisation and other corporate fiasco's that damage the interests of the nation. We have those because well, we've been around quite a while longer than you guys.

I love the concept of the American dream but, it really is just that. America's great if you have lots of money, but any country is TBH. In the UK we're referred to as 'middle England', because everyone has access to healthcare, welfare etc, in some ways Obama has tried to make the US more like the UK in that respects while we in the UK try to adopt a more firm approach to civil liberties like the US has.

This is why the UK and the US have a 'special' relationship.

On the subject of this thread btw, I like Cameron, but to claim to be able to intercept and decrypt traffic across the board the way stated is nothing short of a naive and dumb statement. We're a nation of incredible engineering minds that go back to the industrial revolution, the code breaking world war era and lots of funky shit we do now and I'm proud of that, but really? What a crock of shit, there's always going to be a way to secure communications traffic, if there wasn't, our intelligence services and governments across the world wouldn't be able to use computers or networks now would they?


Comment: Re:What's the big deal? (Score 2) 254 254

Which is just as well considering Scotland wanted their separation from the rest of the UK.

Good luck to them when all their funding is cut from London / Westminster, let's see how you can afford free Universities et al after that.

The SNP taking the 'left wing' Labour parties votes in Scotland was the best thing that ever happened to this country in recent years.

Comment: Re:Delete? (Score 1) 120 120

Facebook's policy is to delete all user data including photos after 3 months of an account being deleted.

There was an uproar about not being able to trace a user account just two days ago regarding a revenge porn case in Holland.

Now, how are they going to physically remove data from a cold storage solution? I highly doubt they'll be using R/W discs as removing the data would require wiping the disc and rewriting 50gb of data again.

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