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DanJ_UK writes: "I was absolutely furious to find yesterday when I got into work that I could no longer log into my google account that I've had for years and years. Not only is this a major inconvenience for the obvious reasons, I also have all my Google services including analytics, docs et al tied to this account, some of which have pretty important information in them.

So far Google have been the most unhelpful company in the world to deal with in terms of support. I'm even still logged in with the saved session in my browser, I can provide details of the exact times e-mails in my Gmail inbox were sent because I've used e-mail forwarding with gmail for a while and second to that the google profile tied to my account here is clearly me.

Yet the Google accounts recovery form is a complete waste of time and gets you no further than an automated response and there is no way of getting in touch with someone from Google to do an actual 'investigation' and there's no option to provide other verifiable information that will plainly show this is my account.

It seems I'm sod out of luck, I've lost a lot here and I'm at a loss to see what can be done about it. If Google don't want to be losing users in the long run they're doing a crap job of it right now, at least when I had a Hotmail account 'hacked' years ago I actually got to contact someone at MSN who verified most of the information I supplied and could plainly see it was my account.

Google are evil, has anyone else had any experiences with Google accounts being stolen and if so have you had any success in getting your account back?"

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