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Comment Re:There were apps for that years ago (Score 1) 35

With respect different hardware has been producing the same outcome for years - and you are the one that jumped on my post ignoring that because of SHINY NEW TECH or something.

Heh. SHINY NEW TECH!! Or, another way to put it: A new tech that offers different advantages. Because... you know... a tech isn't done just because it succeeded in a goal years ago. Like how you have an LCD instead of a CRT now.

Movement is what matters and there are many ways to find out when it happens.

Or, another way to put it: The N900 clearly wasn't the tech to end all tech when tracking sleeping patterns.

You're being disproportionately defensive, here. It's pretty clear to me now that #3 was correct.

Comment Re:There were apps for that years ago (Score 1) 35

Please ask it again in a sensible way instead of weird shit about microwaves (did you really mean an ultrasonic distance measuring device instead)...

No, I meant microwaves... because I read the summary:

This device would use microwave sensors to monitor important sleep data throughout the night, to optimize users' slumber time and encourage a healthier rest cycle.

So... oops, yeah, I did have a direct reason to mention microwaves. The system uses radio waves to determine the sleeper's position. That made your remark a little bit weird. It made for 3 possibilities:

1. The N900 has that hardware, which I had never heard of and it sounded cool! Between wifi and the cellular antennae it's a wonder we don't have any sort of imaging with these devices.

2. Somehow accelerometers are as good as the radio-wave approach. (For the purposes of education we'll skip the complete absurdity of strapping a smart-phone on someone to take these measurements.) Maybe those sensors are a lot better than I gave them credit for, or maybe the microwave sensors are disappointing in what they can deduce...? Either way the concepts are interesting to me, especially since I dabble with Arduino, and appreciate the education.

3. You didn't read the summary, you just saw "NINTENDO SLEEPING APP" and ran for the reply button.

How about you say what you mean and then it will be less of a secret thus making communication possible. Deal?

Speaking of deals, I'd appreciate if you'd actually read my posts and actually answer the question I asked. We could have had a very interesting discussion by now.

Comment Re:Kinda dissagree (Score 5, Informative) 192

I have read about people neglecting their kids to play farmville, I have even done a few nasty binges where I would swear to "stop by midnight" only to look outside and see that it was dawn.

The big kerfuffle in the 90's wasn't that games were addictive, it was that they were violent and that we were going to turn into desensitized savages who want to dismember people. Basically this article is about kids that grew up on Mortal Kombat.

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