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Comment: Re:97 on Acid 3 (Score 1) 554

by Dakman (#35577576) Attached to: Firefox 4 Released!
Just because a browser doesn't pass the acid test 100% doesn't make it a bad browser. The acid tests (especially acid 3) are designed to test for odd edge cases to make sure the spec is implemented properly. It'd be pretty rare to actually run into any of these cases on your standard website. It's also worth mentioning that some of the tests perform differently based on your computers speed (test 26 for example). Even though it passes that particular test, it may have not done it in the recommended time frame.

Comment: Re:5 Over (Score 2) 717

by Dakman (#34879020) Attached to: If I'm the driver, I like to go ...
I frequently drive 5mph over the speed limit in cities, and 10mph over the speed limit on highways. However, regardless of how fast I wish to go, I always leave plenty of room between me and the car ahead of me. It's courteous and much safer. But what really grinds my gears is when some asshole pulls into the space that I'm purposely leaving open.

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