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Comment Re:IPV6 magicall makes routing tables better (Score 1) 435

You, or your equipment, is doing something wrong, because v6 is far easier to set up and maintain than v4 is.

Also, you sounded sarcastic, but v6 does indeed improve the routing table situation. "Being really big" is all it needs to reduce fragmentation; that allows ISPs to get a single, contiguous allocation that covers all their needs, compared to v4 where they need to keep getting tiny allocations from all over the place. You can look at Comcast's announcements for an example: they have an order of magnitude fewer v6 prefixes, and the v6 prefixes are mostly empty at the moment, compared to their v4 ones that will be mostly full.

Comment Re:Take back some of those Class A assignments (Score 1) 435

Yes, take them back. And... then what?

Before RIRs started running out, we were consuming over one /8 per month. What good is an extra month going to do us? Clawing back those /8s is a waste of time and effort, both of which are better spent on just deploying v6, which you'll still have to do anyway.

Comment Re:Again? (Score 3, Informative) 435

No, not again.

Last year, ARIN hit one /8 left (that's the second article you linked). Back in July of this year, ARIN had to make their first ever refusal for an allocation on the basis of not having the IP space for it (that's the first article). They still had some space remaining for small allocations. Now, as of yesterday, they have to refuse all allocations on that basis, because they ran out of space altogether. That's this article.

Apparently, the idea that reaching 0% involves going through 10% and 1% first is hard to grasp...

Comment Re:Move to the latest version? (Score 3, Informative) 435

Copy/paste them. Or use DNS, it's hardly a new technology.

And if you really can't do either, then pick your addresses better. If you pick addresses like 2001:db8:42:a57e:a92f:2c3d:30c5:7562 rather than 2001:db8:42:1::2 and refuse to use DNS for them, then you can't complain about how hard they are to remember.

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