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Comment: Re:Dear EU Courts, (Score 2) 401 401

"Free Speech" is not without it's limits. You can't shout fire in a crowd, you can't threaten other people, you can't say outright lies about people. 99.9% of the AC's commenting on /. are not afraid of government reprisals, they're worried about their friends and family finding out what raging a-holes they are, and possibly getting sued for libel.

Comment: Re:Monster Business School (Score 4, Interesting) 288 288

Back in the day of analog cables, there was some margin of truth in Monster's claims of cable quality and gold plating. Now that everything is digital though? A rusty coat hanger can carry a digital signal as well as their best cable, so yeah fark 'em.

Comment: Re:Social mobility was killed, but not this way (Score 0, Troll) 1032 1032

Thank you for your well thought out and rational post. Now hurry along, you've got to make it to your MRA meeting on time or you'll miss the next episode of Coast to Coast. Tonight they're revealing the lizard people who are trying to take away sovereign citizen's gun rights!

Comment: Re:Social mobility was killed, but not this way (Score 4, Interesting) 1032 1032

Interesting.. and yet the people who "invested" their money in this kid didn't insist on his getting a degree that would guarantee their ROI, now did they? They took a gamble, much like how you take a gamble when you go into a multi-year degree program just what will or won't win the economic lottery in the future.

Of course it's easy enough to sit on the sidelines and say Engineering! or something similar, except that's still not a guarantee and it ignores the person's individual proclivities. Not everyone is capable of or interested in being an engineer. Also why would you want all that additional competition, it'll just lower that industry's wages.

Comment: Re:You're not willing to pay (Score 0) 285 285

People say the average worker isn't making as much as they used to, but I think that people are just buying a lot more stuff than they used to.

People do say the average worker isn't making as much as they used to. Yep. Friggen mathematicians who calculate things like GDP and median earning vs inflation. It's not some folksy saying, it's fact, we earn less money than we did 20-30 years ago and wages have been stagnant for quite a while.

Also, yes, we do buy more than we used to buy. That is called keeping the economy running, and if we weren't buying all those gadgets and trinkets and things *you* don't think are necessary our economy would be in even worse shape. As for the credit card debt, if wages were at least keeping even with what they have historically been people wouldn't have to fall back on so much credit debt now would they.

Not that people such as yourself who point fingers and speciously declare what other people need or don't need to own would ever willingly put your own lives under someone else's scrutiny to be told what you don't need to have either.

Comment: Re:It all makes sense (Score 2) 80 80

Honestly, I don't know why people don't expect governments to spy on each other, even if they are allies. Every country plays for advantages, and it's not impossible for an ally to setup a politician on one side then defect to another side's position to earn some points. You have to be confident that what a politician is saying is what they actually intend to say.

Truthfully, no nation has friends. They're all frenemies at best.

Many people are unenthusiastic about their work.