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Comment Re: But but but.. (Score 1) 278

Wrong wrong wrong. Because we've already been through this stuff, multiple times, if you bothered to look it up. First thing, the company's lawyers fight that the laws don't even cover whatever it is the plaintiffs blame them of. Then they fight to prevent any lawsuit from being a class action, so that every plaintiff has to go through the financial burdens of the lawsuit on their own, pay for their own discovery, etc. THEN while all that's going on, the company starts PR campaigns to get any prospective jury pool on their side before a trial can even happen, if they can't defend their product then they tear down the plaintiff. By the time a case ever gets before a jury, the odds are the plaintiff has already died, if not then the case is so tainted it's a miracle that it continues and even more miraculous if the plaintiff wins.

It took more than 50 years and hundreds of attempts to nail the tobacco companies, and they're still in business. Tell me more fairy tales about how lawsuits are better than regulation.

Comment Re:But but but.. (Score 1) 278

Uhuh... and how do businesses get a state granted monopoly? By paying off the government to remove it's regulations for them, so they can exercise their greed freely! Which you seem to think is bad, yet you're arguing for less regulations on businesses! You people, your minds twist like worm trails.

Comment Re:But but but.. (Score 4, Insightful) 278

Yet you know with certainty that the doctors prescribed a real medication with actual effects and not just colored water that the doctor makes in the back of his office. You know, with certainty that the bottle Wal-Mart sells you (and really, if you have money wtf are you shopping at Wal-Mart?) will be the actual medicine and that they haven't been mixing water in to increase their profits, or buying counterfeit drugs to again increase their profits.

The reason you know these things is because the government enforces regulations protecting you from such dishonest practices. The government enforces regulations that save your life and your children's lives from corporate greed every day, and because you don't see that you get to pretend like they aren't necessary, but you are simply deluded.

Also, you may have money but you certainly aren't very bright if you think googling WebMD is a valid replacement for a medical degree.

Comment Re:But but but.. (Score 2, Informative) 278

No government is blameless for the things it does for it's citizens, but governments have checks and balances. As much as we would not sit quietly while the government decided to, for instance, disband the Supreme Court, nor should we stand by while corporations try to remove the things that balance their interests against the public's.

As for your ridiculous statement that the judicial branch saves us from bad companies and not the lawmakers, ummm you do realize that the courts can't do a damn thing if a law or regulation doesn't exist to be broken in the first place right? Or are you telling me that judges should make up laws as they like? Don't conservatives have a name for that.. oh right Activist Judges!

Comment But but but.. (Score 5, Funny) 278

Corporations can regulate themselves! We can totally trust them not to put greed ahead of public safety! Really, they've learned their lessons and besides, we have all the regulation the market needs with civil lawsuits! Just let us reform a few tort laws and cut a few useless regulations holding back all the awesome good things we want to bring to people and we'll all be living in a utopia!

Comment Re:What about the rest of it? And Firefox? (Score 2) 144

If you knew anything about computer history you'd know that the GUI was inevitable. Steve & Bill may have popularized GUI interfaces through their positions but they weren't the only people thinking about computer graphics. In the same year the Macintosh was released 1984, Digital Research announced GEM & MIT announced X, Xerox was already developing their own graphics system.

In 1985 we got GEOS, AmigaOS, and the first shaky Windows.

The world could have gotten along fine without Apple or Microsoft. I personally would have been happy with an Amiga dominated PC industry. Hell, people were quite happy with VisiCalc before Excel ever appeared, and IBM did most of the work of killing off VisiCalc with Lotus-1-2-3, the first graphical spreadsheet program.

Speaking of myopic, most Apple fans would believe Apple not only invented fire, but made fire more stylish and desirable if Apple told them so.

Comment Re:Wrong tool (Score 5, Insightful) 144

...Just in the last week, I have seen spreadsheets used for a program logic workflow, a timetable, a university course schedule, to compute an FFT, to exchange student marks, to discuss a budget (with lots of deletions and remarks), and even for a presentation. In each and every case a more suitable, open-source, freely available, multi-platform application exists.

You've just stated the reason people use spreadsheets right there. One multi-purpose program vs umpteen specialist programs, each with their own UI quirks that have to be learned to make the most use of the programs. Why bother when a good old spreadsheet will work.

"More software projects have gone awry for lack of calendar time than for all other causes combined." -- Fred Brooks, Jr., _The Mythical Man Month_