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Comment: Re:Just proves the point (Score 1) 1229

Truly a sad story. Michael Brutsch was a champion of freedom of communication. It seems that "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" is a rarely expressed sentiment these days.

It was a shame Brutsch wasn't a champion of not posting creepshots of teen girls though.

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I don't believe they can be civilly debated at all. Modern day feminists are not rational. My feminist professors in school very clearly, openly and without fear, gave extreme preference to the women in class. It was out in the open for all to see, but because almost every professor was a women, every administrator etc on up the chain, they could operate with impunity.

Yeah, hi that's called "Existing every damn day as a woman" everywhere outside of feminist classes in college. The sad thing is you notice it sucks, but you don't connect that it sucks when guys do it to women. Not that all men walk around planning how to keep the ladies down, it's more insidious than that because the majority of the time we just don't think about it at all. That's how games get released with no female character options, or female NPC's with redonkulous boobs, because the guys making the game just never put in a second to think "how will women, who are a huge factor in life, think about this".

I don't wish harm on this woman, but I honestly don't give a rats ass that she is being threatened. She and her kind do more harm to men in this country than anyone else and subsequently more harm to women with their chicken little calls of intolerance and mysogyny. I no longer listen to women that complain about it precisely because of this woman and her ilk. It's all just noise now like calls of racism from Al Sharpton.

Okay, right there you've just justified every bad feminist example that you whine about. You are the problem.

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The difference between corporations and the government, is that the government has 319,000,000 middle managers. Everyone has their own ideas of what is or isn't fair, how much value a project has and how it should be done. So we end up with layer after layer of bureaucracy and paperwork and second guessing.

Comment: Hardcovers? What about paperbacks?? (Score 4, Insightful) 306

by Daemonik (#47570609) Attached to: Amazon's eBook Math
Why is Scalzi only bringing up hardcover prices when at $9.99 the ebook is HIGHER than the paperback release, which will sell more copies than the hardcover as well. How can he argue that there is "a legitimate reason for not wanting the gulf between eBook and physical hardcover pricing to be so large that brick and mortar retailers suffer" when paperbacks sell for $6.99-$7.99?? If brick and mortar retailers can survive cheap paperbacks, why can't they survive eBooks priced $2-$3 higher? For that matter, I have never heard anyone in the publishing industry who can explain why eBooks should be priced higher than paperbacks.

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