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Comment Slashdot hates Capitalism! (Score -1, Troll) 109

Why are all these SJW's trying to prevent the invisible hand of the market from working??? Are they TRYING to get the marketplace regulated!?!?!?! These are the sorts of things that separate the winners from the losers! The losers deserve to be poor and broke and die on the streets for not being wiser with their investments! It's Darwin! It's what Capitalist Jesus would want! That's why Jesus went off on the moneylenders, you know. They'd gone bankrupt investing in a housing bubble and were begging for a government handout THANKS OBAMA!

News for nerds? This is news for SJW's! Why's it on my Slashdot?????

Comment Re:Hurd.. why? (Score 4, Funny) 129

I think it's mainly maintained by Stallman fanatics who still bare death grudges against Linus for stealing their thunder, to be honest.

They gather at the gnarled roots of his wretched toes, surviving on Jolt cola and Stallman's beard fungus as they furiously translate their eldritch acid dreams into holy code all the while gnashing their teeth at any mention of the dread thief Linus.

LINUS!!! That thief of dreams, murderer of hope, that foul bandit who ran off with their sacred GNU!! His every fetid caress of the GNU corrupts it with corporate appeasance!! HE MUST BE STOPPED!!

.... and so they chitter in binary under the caressing shade of Stallman's girth, preparing for the day of their triumph... they need not success, the accolades of the masses, those putrid sheeple!... they have their purity..

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 246

Tell you what, never use our roads, our internet, our many other public services ever again. Shut yourself up in your private property hermitage, dig a well because you aren't allowed to use water that came from a river the government diverted for our benefit. We'll work out a list of products you can never use because they resulted from government backed research. Then.. yeah you can quit paying taxes then. We'll let you.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 182

By your logic people should be dropping Androids and iPhones like radioactive waste to snatch up those sweet sweet Nokia Windows Phones.

People understand that different programs run on different hardware now. I'm not saying that a pure Linux laptop wouldn't have perception problems, but they wouldn't be insurmountable either. Frankly the biggest sales cases for Linux laptops would be Governments and Schools anyway, and they have teams to train the users on new hardware.

Comment Re:Moon as a gas station (Score 1) 194

You can't do a one launch manned trip to Mars, land and relaunch back to Earth. Isn't going to happen.

It's going to take multiple launches with some construction in space. Might as well do the construction on the Moon which is easily reachable.

Creating fuel on Mars is fine for the return trip, but it does nothing for the trip from Earth to Mars, which is where using the Moon as a fuel depot comes in.

Here's the most compelling reason to start with a Moon base. We've had people there before. We know how much it will cost, what will be needed and how to do it already. It's cheaper than going to Mars, it's faster than going to Mars, a lunar colony program can be running well before a Martian one can, and it gives us a base for a later Mars mission, or better yet Venus.

Why spend billions to put someone on Mars if they're not going to live there? We're nowhere near where we need to be for a Mars colony, but a Moon colony? That's something we can do now.

Comment Re:Moon as a gas station (Score 0) 194

A container built to hold in 1 bar of pressure in a solid vacuum would stand up to Mar's atmosphere just fine. As for the abrasive dust, the dust on the Moon just sits there except for the very brief moments when an astronaut tracks it into the airlock. The dust on Mars moves, sometimes very quickly, which means high speed wind storms as well as abrasive dust and electrostatic discharge. Those temperature variations? The Moon is locked, one side is constantly in sunlight, the other constantly in darkness. Unless you are traveling from one side to the other, the temperature doesn't fluctuate very much. Unlike Mars, where it goes up and down every 24 1/2 hours.

Overrall, it's much easier to be on the Moon than Mars. After all, if you can build a space ship in the first place, you've pretty much built a Moon habitat.

Comment Re:Moon as a gas station (Score 1) 194

You don't have to get fuel to the moon, you can make fuel there. Aluminum & water ice are all you need, and the Moon has plenty of aluminum. Sources of water are more questionable, the dark side of the moon may have some, or we could capture a comet for it, or if necessary truck it up from Earth. It's still better than towing 100% of the fuel from Earth.

As for Mars itself, there's several ways to create rocket fuel there.

Also, the Moon is a balmy hell? The moon is just radiation and straight up vacuum. Mars has dust storms, radiation, freezing ass cold and near vacuum. Anything that can survive on Mars will do just fine on the Moon, and the Moon can be a nice test bed for Martian equipment.

Comment Re:Don't we (the US) already have that... (Score 1) 1291

You are, what is loosely termed, an idjit.

"Let the market handle it" as if the "the market" cares for anything but profits and what about all the people dead or injured while "the market" is figuring itself out? You apparently don't give a damn. "Let the courts handle it" as if the courts can do a damn thing if there's no laws against it. You're apparently also unaware that the entire purpose of a corporation is to limit the legal liability of it's owners and directors. And who would investigate a corporation for endangerment in the first place? There'd be no Federal agency if people of your ilk had their way. The local agencies, if such exist, would be all to happily suborned by corporate interests. But hey, who cares about a few deaths here and there as long as someone's getting paid.

Did I mention you being an idjit? Because you obviously know nothing about law, or history or people in general, or what the point of this discussion was about for that matter.

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