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Comment Re:so what? (Score 3, Informative) 258

The US and North Korea only have an armistice, not a peace treaty. Legally they're still at war with each other. Added to NK's disregard of pretty much everyone, their having ICBMs does make the US nervous for good reasons. The US respects the armistice, but NK will likely start the war up again if they ever think they can get away with it.

No country is happy with any other country having the ability to attack it. Just very few countries are in the position that the US is in of having a military powerful enough that their displeasure makes people take notice.

The US doesn't just use it's military as casually as most think, typically it waits for a large group of allies to urge it to take action. It's wars in the Middle East benefit Europe a lot more than they do the US.

Comment Re:the point (Score 1) 130

99% of the time, IT is being held hostage by other departments who know nothing about what IT does, but they just heard about this thing called the "cloud" or was it "apps"... and they want IT to prioritize it ASAP. Oh and do it on 30% less budget than they had last year.

Comment Re:I'm a republican ... (Score 0) 182

...procure rights to that font and then license them to every other agency/company at no cost? As a republican ... this is the kind of thing I expect my government TO do.

What are you, some kind of filthy pinko socialist? These districts can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and pay hard working job creators their due wage or do without! NO GUBMINT HANDOUTS!!

Comment Re:I'm a republican ... (Score 1) 182

Because spending large piles of money is exactly what Republican's don't want to do; plus, being pro-business, it was in their interests to let some third-party company profit from this mandate.

I think you mean spending large piles of money is exactly what Republicans DO WANT, for their true constituency: Business Interests.

Comment Re:password resets are a horrible weak link too. (Score 1) 131

There has to be a balance, however, or you risk rendering your service unusable. Nobody would buy anything online if the checkout process took 30 minutes, required a signed copy of your birth certificate from the doctor who performed the delivery, retinal scans from your grandparents and a full DNA workup.

Unfortunately, you also have to work within the limits of security unconscious morons who use 'P@55w0rd' and think they're being leet computer techies.

Comment Re:Government should not pick winners and losers. (Score 1) 298

In far too many municipalities that "government fiat" is the only reason there's a developed power grid in the first place. Energy infrastructure is not a quick return on investment type of business, it can take decades before a profit is returned. If it weren't for "government fiat" pushing the infrastructure, energy companies would still be serving only the very richest areas. Much like how the high speed internet industry functions, covering only the parts of a city or county that guarantees fat profits, ignoring the rest.

Comment Re:Government should not pick winners and losers. (Score 2) 298

Oil, coal, natural gas, hydroelectric and nuclear ALL benefit from government subsidies and regulations. It's the only reason our power grid covers the majority of our nation, as it would never have been "economically" feasible otherwise. If you don't believe that, just look at high speed internet and how many areas are under served not because they can't be profitable, but because they're not profitable enough, if you have to build the infrastructure too.

This is where the government beats industry, determining social benefits that override economic ones, and championing them.

Comment Re:The "We are better attitude" again! (Score 1) 228

I know of Americans that have left this country for the so called poor countries - for good. Question is: Why?

Because they can act like rich assholes with their modest American retirement funds and lord over poor citizens of another country like the Colonial overlords they wish they'd been born as?

Comment Re:distribution of wealth and (Score 5, Funny) 729

I live in a house built by my own hands on land I claimed after killing the Indians living here. I'm typing this on a telegraph because I'm not the kind of greedy bastard that has to have a newfangled computer. I'm only using the telegraph until I figure out how to make the internet work with an abacus. I keep my food in the root cellar instead of wasting money on one of those refrigerators and keep the house lit by candles made with fat rendered from the animals I raise. TV is shadow puppets on the wall and I ride a horse buggy into town.

YOU sound like the greediest asshole ever with all your modern conveniences! How dare you buy things??

Comment Re:What in the fuck? (Score 3, Insightful) 216

Could someone explain the summary in plain English?

It sounds like something bad happened to someone important but other than that I have absolutely no idea what it is saying.

Well, your initial supposition is wrong first off. Some guy who thinks he's important blames Google for the actions of people that are not under their control. It's like blaming crowbar manufacturers for people using crowbars to break into houses.

His business model is unable to adjust to the fact that his product is easily pirated, and he's blaming the most visible company connected to the Internet for other people pirating his works, without taking into account Google has no control over anyone but themselves, they are not the only search engine in the world, they only index the WWW portion of the Internet which has many other protocols that files can be shared over. He's tilting at windmills.

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