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+ - Man-made 'breathing' leaf is an oxygen factory->

Submitted by gardas
gardas (2599959) writes "Royal College of Art graduate Julian Melchiorri has created the first man-made, biologically functional leaf that takes in carbon dioxide, water, and light and releases oxygen. The leaf consists of chloroplasts — the part of a plant cell where photosynthesis happens — suspended in body made of silk protein."
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+ - Microsoft Retiring the TechNet Subscription->

Submitted by ErichTheRed
ErichTheRed (39327) writes "One of the nicest perks that Microsoft offered is being retired. Microsoft has reasonably-priced "TechNet Subscriptions" which give you low-cost full access to download fully functional evaluation software. The idea is that IT people could use a product in their lab for learning or simulation purposes without having to shell out thousands for an MSDN subscription. These are being retired as of August 31st. Apparently they're trying to shift "casual" evaluation of software onto their Virtual Labs and other online offerings. If you want full evals of software, you're going to need to buy an MSDN Subscription. I know lots of people abuse their TechNet privileges, but it's a real shame that I won't just be able to pull down the latest software to replicate a customer problem, which is part of what I do on a daily basis. I guess you can mark this one as "From the one-bad-pirate-ruins-the-whole-bunch department...""
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Comment: as a long time abuser (Score 1) 212

by DECula (#42790819) Attached to: Why It's So Hard To Predict How Caffeine Will Affect Your Body

I have never come close to the minimum lethal dose (injected) of 3.2 grams, but I have done as much as 1.2 grams in a 24 hour period. It's great for focusing on 1 project. A few jitters, but not horrible - compared to the time when I went cold turkey on sugar for 2 months and had a 44 ounce unnamed citrus soda. It was hell trying to play Duke Nukem.

I'm a bit aware that my ordering a pound of white powder and having it sent through the mail may raise some eyebrows, but they'll just have to find their own. It's MINE, all mine, I tell ya!

Comment: Re:Reduce gun violence? (Score 1) 436

by DECula (#42764821) Attached to: Federal Gun Control Requires IT Overhaul


cars don't make the individual safer. they increase the risk of death and injury for everyone around.

knives don't make the individual safer. they increase the risk of death and slashing wounds for everyone around.

ex_wives don't make the individual safer. they increase the risk of financial ruin for everyone around.

where would you like to stop?

    welcome to life. play nice with the others, as best you can, and remember, no one gets out alive.

Comment: Re:F*ck off, gun haters (Score 1) 899

by DECula (#42643001) Attached to: New York Pistol Permit Owner List Leaked

Hell I don't get why this hasn't been modded up. I was taught to shoot by an neighbor in the Air Force. My father was busy doing something in Vietnam, so he didn't get the opportunity. I was 8. The lady who commented above is bang on, there were guns. We respected guns, but humans even more so. Why should she be penalized for the criminal actions of others? I hope you get to enjoy shooting those targets forever - it was promised to you.

Comment: hardware vs software (Score 5, Insightful) 233

by DECula (#42403885) Attached to: Raspberry Pi vs. Cheap Android Dongle: Embarrassment of (Cheap) Riches

    you are missing a critical point. break out the IO on the USB dongle. Make it turn lights on
    and off. sure, you can slave it to other USB devices, but there is a nice IO header on the
    PI for those who wish to play with it. it's comparing apples to oranges.
    The PI was made with hardware tinkering in mind, the USB dongles - not so much.


+ - Gmail drops support for connecting to pop3 servers with self signed certs-> 2

Submitted by DECula
DECula (6113) writes "In a move not communicated to it's users before hand, Google's Gmail servers were reconfigured to not connect to remote pop3 servers that have self-signed certificates, leaving folks with unencrypted connections, or no service when getting email from other services.
Not good for for the small folks. One suggestion was to allow placing the public keys on Googles side in the user configuration. That would be a heck of a lot better than just dropping users into never never land."

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+ - Adam Lanza Destroyed His Computer Before Rampage

Submitted by
Hugh Pickens writes
Hugh Pickens writes writes "Here's some breaking news I saw MSNBC this morning that I haven't seen reported anywhere in the print media yet. NBC reporter Pete Williams reported on Chuck Todd's "The Daily Rundown" that (police) "had been hopeful that they could extract some information from the computer at (Lanza's) home. He was very into computers. Before he left his mother's house on the morning that he shot his mother while she was sleeping, he damaged extensively his computer. He took the hard drive out, pulled the disk out, and did a lot of damage to it," said Williams. "It's not clear that (police) are going to be able to extract any information or not." It has previously been reported that Lanza left no online footprint. Police had been eager to examine Lanza's computer in hopes of determining a motive in his killings or finding records of purchases of firearms and ammunition. "If he visited certain websites, they are going to glean whatever information they can from that and see what it means," said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to discuss the investigation publicly. "Does he have friends he communicates with online? Was there a fight with somebody?""

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