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Comment: Trip chaining? (Score 1) 417

by Cyno01 (#43590225) Attached to: Grocery Delivery Lowers Carbon Dioxide Emissions Over Individual Trips

It baffles me how many people make special trips for things, i never go just one place, if i need one thing it can wait until i have more places to go. Go to the grocery store 2-3 times a week, theres 3 on the way home from work. We do big grocery shopping for staples and nonperishables at one further away probably every other weekend, but we also go to target, the hardware store and sams club on those trips.

Comment: Hydrogen is a terrible fuel for a vehicle. (Score 5, Interesting) 580

by Cyno01 (#41704439) Attached to: Scientists Turn Air Into Petrol

Thats why we use gasoline. While hydrogen does have a higher specific energy, Octane and other hydrocarbons of similar lengths have some of the highest energy densities of any readily available compounds. Hydrogen has a specific energy of about 142 megajoules per kilogram, while gasoline has about 48mj/kg. BUT, a kilogram of gasoline is about 1.4 liters, and a kilogram of liquid hydrogen is a little over 14 liters. so not only would you need a fuel tank nearly four times the size for a car of similar range (and thats assuming hydrogen would be as efficient as an internal combustion engine), but hydrogen is only liquid at 20 degrees kelvin, or about 250 degrees below zero. Maintaining that low a temperature requires even more energy.

Comment: I dont think its even that... (Score 3, Insightful) 288

by Cyno01 (#40927941) Attached to: Legitimate eBook Lending Community Closed After Copyright Complaints

I think many of them DO actually at least partly approve of these things, but feel guilty enough to lie about it. If there are so many of these purported "moderate christians" who dont want to burn gays at the stake and dont want to tell women what to do with their bodies and dont want to teach creationism in science class and just want to be good people and love their neighbors and follow the teachings of christ... do they not vote?

Because various referendums around the country definitely indicate that these mythical voiceless moderates dont really represent a significant percentage of christians, much less the general population.

Comment: I just want a dumb monitor. (Score 3, Insightful) 381

by Cyno01 (#39039043) Attached to: Television Next In Line For Industry-Wide Shakeup?

Smart TVs are nice for things like streaming for a secondary TV, in a bedroom or basement, where you dont want a bunch of boxes and cables, but for my living room... i have a cable box, i have a game console, i have a networked dvd player. The TV is ONLY a display. This is one place where with some technologies moving as fast as they are, convergence is a bad thing. If some new streaming service comes out, i can reasonably assume theyll have a PS3 app. Depending on how proprietary things are they may not have an app for a smart TV even a few years old. Heck, i dont even need the main TV in the home theater to have speakers, i just want a big dumb good quality monitor with a digital video input. Let my receiver handle all the AV stuff and one or two boxes handle TV and recorded media.

Convergence has its place, its nice having a camera in my phone in my pocket all the time, but i dont want a cheap, prone to mechanical failure, blu-ray player or cheap PC that no one will make software for in 9 months stuck on the side of my nice high end tv.

Comment: I dont think... (Score 1) 571

by Cyno01 (#38474458) Attached to: New Study Confirms Safety of GM Crops

Most people have issue with eating GM crops, i certainly dont, i dont think theyre going to damage my health or cause mutations or anything like that (although i'm sure a fringe do).

The issues with GM food come from introducing a laboratory spliced gene into crops out in the wild and the effects of that when it may cross breed. The effects of a gene from a completely unrelated KINGDOM entering the ecosystem could be a lot more drastic than traditionally selectively bred crops. No mater how much cold resistance you breed tomatoes for, theyre not going to get flounder genes in them. Plants that produce their own pesticides? If those crossbred with something wild, we could be killing off helpful insects and collapse entire food chains. We simply can not know the long term ramifications of this.

The other issue is the patenting of genes and all the associated issues of suing farmers when GM crops crossbreed, etc etc.

Monsanto is just a comic book evil corporation, they should just change their name to Lexcorp or Weyland Yutani or something.

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