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Comment: Re:bitcoin has to much fluctuation for them to hol (Score 0) 87

by BaCkBuRn (#47239277) Attached to: Expedia To Accept Bitcoin

Assuming the merchant instantly converts Bitcoins into cash for say, a $100 equivalent transaction, what is the difference in transaction cost when compared with a credit card? I know credit card transactions cost roughly 2%, or $2 in this case.

It depends on the merchant's Bitcoin processor or whatever private contract they have with them. The main processors are Coinbase and BitPay. There is a transaction fee paid by the customer of .0001 BTC when they make the payment. That fee goes to the Bitcoin miners on the network. The payment processors have varying fees for the transaction that the merchant would pay when instantly converting to cash. I believe there is no fee on the portion of Bitcoin the merchant may or may not choose to hold. For the moment at least.


Engineered Mosquitoes Could Wipe Out Dengue Fever 343

Posted by Soulskill
from the working-out-the-bugs dept.
Christina Valencia points us to a Wired story about scientists who plan to use genetically modified mosquitoes to reduce the population of Dengue-carrying insects. The altered genes cause newly born mosquitoes to die before they are able to breed if they are not supplied with a crucial antibiotic. This is a more aggressive approach than the anti-Malaria work we discussed last year. From Wired: "Mosquitoes pass dengue fever to up to 100 million people each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Up to 5 million die. If the scientists can replicate their results in real field conditions, their technology could kill half of the next generation of dengue mosquitoes, which scientists say would significantly reduce the spread of the disease. If all goes well the company envisions releasing the insects in Malaysia on a large scale in three years."

ICANN Writes US Government Requesting Independence 131

Posted by Zonk
from the very-polite-request dept.
Combat Wombat writes with word that IP address and domain name overseer ICANN has put in a request to the US government, asking to be freed from ties to the United States. A 'lengthy' report was sent to the US Dept. of Commerce, and covers the numerous steps the organization has already completed along the road to independence. The BBC reports that a meeting will be held soon in response to the report, a reaction to the expected end of US control. "The meeting marks the half-way point for the Joint Project Agreement (JPA) under which ICANN was tasked to comply with a series of 'responsibilities' deemed necessary for its release from official oversight. The JPA grew out of the original Memorandum of Understanding that established Icann and signalled the beginning of the end for US control."
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Police arrest teen for "virtual furniture"->

Submitted by
ekes writes "According to the German Press Agency (DPA) Dutch police have arrested a teenager and are questioning four more about the "theft" of "virtual furniture" from the online Habbo Hotel
A police spokesman said the suspects will be charged on two accounts: hacking and burglary.

English report on Expatica"

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