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Comment: I'm on board! (Score 2) 162 162

I for one, look forward to be electrocuted in loyal service to a totalitarian new world order. This way, they can exert a greater control over their treasonous subjects!

I certainly hope the recent slander from Snowden will not stop the NSA and other semi-autonomous government organs around the world from keeping a full record of all traces of substances which are found on my body, each time I travel. That will be great in case someone in power is ever questioned and would need to put the offending party in prison or at least character assassinate them!

Comment: This is not about TPB, possibly WikiLeaks (Score 1) 250 250

According to friends who have visited Svartholm, he is being held on terrorism charges not related to TPB, but still on the request of Sweden:

Peter Sunde, a TPB founder, seems to think that it is related to the fact that Svartholm's company used to host WikiLeaks.

Comment: Re:Very Sad (Score 1) 441 441

Ubuntu's primary appeal is to users who will never willingly stray far from the default UI --- even assuming that they are aware of the alternatives.

I am sure that Ubuntu is the largest distro among Linux professionals too. Where I work, everyone run Linux both at work and at home with 10-15 years of Unix experience, and we still run mostly Ubuntu. Our servers run Ubuntu too. Just because I have compiled many a kernel in my day, worked with IRIX, Solaris, FreeBSD and at least once installed Linux From Scratch does not mean that I enjoy fiddling with X11 config, driver issues, etc.

I don't think any of us run Unity though ;).

Comment: Re:The best part... (Score 1) 441 441

Is there really a "Microsoft tax"? When I looked at laptops, the same hardware was actually cheaper with Windows than with Linux. I suspect that Dell et al pay so little (because of volume) for the license and in turn make enough from the shocking amounts of crapware that they preload Windows with, so that it evens out for them.

In short - don't expect these to cost less than the equivalent Windows laptops.

Comment: Re:Could it be something else? (Score 1) 191 191

There should have been a placebo group holding an equally hot phone not making any calls, just to rule out stuff like: heat, the actual holding of the phone, psychological effects, etc. Everything is better when it is double-blind. I didn't read the article, though :).

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