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This was modded funny, but it *is* a classroom computer lab, not a government installation. At some point, you have to let them learn by stepping on each others' toes. Protect the students' files from the other students. Protect the systems' secrets from the students. Beyond that, just institute a written policy of "don't be a jerk: nice your background processes". If a student uses up too many resources, use it as a teachable moment. Chances are, the students aren't trying to be jerks. They'll lp binary files by accident or forkbomb their machine. But if they really wanted to cause problems, nothing short of locking the door to the lab and only allowing remote access to one machine per student will do.

Comment: Re:But was it really unethical ? (Score 1) 605

Being a role-player, "lying about a die roll" has no strict ethical value to me: if I'm a player, it's unethical, but if I'm the DM, it's just part of the job ! ;) I never lied about die roll as a player, and would never do it, so you can consider me to be "very ethical"... but on the other hand, in a setup like that experiment (when the harm of lying is not clear at all) or as a DM, I don't have any issue with lying.

The harm is, you will have people less willing to play with you once they find out that you will lie about die rolls.

If you're a player. As GP states, I want a GM who will fudge the dice rolls (or not even roll them) occasionally to make the story better. Sometimes the dice are wrong. Yes, it's a game. But it's not fun when your characters face too little or overwhelming danger.

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by Culture20 (#47461531) Attached to: Marvel's New Thor Will Be a Woman

Taking a historic Superhero character and making it a woman is a good thing.

Next up, Punisher. I bet a lot of guys might read a female Punisher.

Your excuse is the same one every misogynist through time have used. "Historically a man does that, you can't have a women do that!"

I'm betting the GP would have a problem with Sif growing a penis too (as would I). Or if you consider Sif too much of a background character, what about Jean Grey? Let's say the Phoenix Force returns and Jean Grey is reborn as an adult male. Ridiculous, yes?

The thing is, this new "Thor" isn't going to be the character Thor any more than Eric Masterson was. Sure, he pretended to be Thor for a while. Had all the powers and everything. Everyone called him Thor, even Odin. But he wasn't Thor, and we knew it and he knew it.

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