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Comment: Re:Politely Disagree (Score 2) 696

And DOS commands are still quite useful. I find myself teaching younger admins DOS stuff on 'doze cmd.exe more and more. Sure, Powershell exists, but it's not ubiquitous yet, and oft-times Powershell running files as scripts is disabled by default, so batch files are still pretty useful (even if it's just a batch file to enable Powershell scripts and run the argument as a script).

Comment: Re:ColorToggle, Hostname in Titlebar, FocyOverride (Score 1) 353

by Culture20 (#49082975) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Most Useful Browser Extensions?

Having used some blocking add-on's like RequestPolicy I don't feel comfortable with the shady practice of consuming content without paying the price of seeing the ads.

I don't feel comfortable with the risky practice of consuming content and paying the price of exploit attempts via ad networks. It used to only happen on "sketchy" websites. Now big name news sites and the like are using sketchy ad networks that occasionally try to push malware. I've reached the point where I don't mind spending ten minutes figuring out which domains I can temporarily unblock safely for a site. It's rare that I go to "new" sites anyway. And ad domains are always blocked without question. If the site wants to host ads, they can do it the old fashioned way and host them on their own servers (and accept responsibility for the exploit attempts).

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