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Comment: Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 100

Scalpers can just order them online; I think it's much more about customer satisfaction (which you mentioned) plus the fact that they just will not have much stock in store to start with. If everyone has to order one it will feel more fair, and no-one will be pressured to buy some model they don't quite like just because it's there (which goes back to customer satisfaction).

Comment: Wow, so "exclusive" anyone can do it! (Score 1) 100

I think you may not understand what "exclusive" means. I sometimes have to reserve a Motel 6 ahead of time because they are busy, are they "exclusive" also?

The process is there because there are so many watch combos they can't realistically stock them all. Also, it's a REALLY GOOD IDEA to try something in person first before you wear it around all the time (not just in terms of looks but how it feels on your skin).

Isn't it smarter to make sure a customer gets a watch they want rather than taking a lot of returns because what they ordered was too big/small/wrong color?

I think it's laughable Apple is being ridiculed for asking people to try one out first to make sure they want one, rather than Apple pushing people to buy them sight unseen. Isn't this the exact opposite of the pure marketing drive people are always accusing Apple of?

Comment: Not capable of feedback loop (Score 1) 165

Greenhouse gases and temperature appear to be capable of a feedback loop

No, they really don't. At least not in Earth's atmosphere.

CO2 emissions have gone up and up over the last two decades with almost no increase in heat over that period of time.

Apparently CO2 does not actually lead to a feedback loop. Which only makes sense when you realize the whole Earth is a system designed to process CO2 in vast quantities.

Comment: That is very wrong (Score 0) 165

Safe except for the byproducts, which are most definitely not safe

Why not? The byproducts are very small in volume, and quite well protected/contained.

It's better than coal which spreads low does of radiation, not to mention other pollution, all over the place. Both in burning and in transport.

It's better than solar or wind, byproducts of manufacture of those systems end up in the environment.

Nuclear has the safest byproducts. because you will never come in contact with them.

Comment: Re:Welcome, Permanently Afraid Euroweenie (Score 1) 176

by SuperKendall (#49367743) Attached to: Commercial Flamethrower Successfully Crowdfunded

Go ahead if you want, my mind wouldn't be changed by hundreds of innocent people being burned alive. That is on the wielder, not the tool... taking one tool away does not mean some other tool cannot be used for whatever grim task the wilder imagines.

Your desire to ban anything dangerous leads to a world where people are incapable of handling any danger. I don't need to bookmark it because your philosophy is already killing hundreds (thousands?) of naive people per day, and growing. The disaster you so grimly anticipate is here, and you are causing it. Whats sad is your complete lack of feeling responsible for the creation of incompetent adults.

Comment: Time to support private space stations (Score 1) 147

by SuperKendall (#49362755) Attached to: Russia Wants To Work With NASA On a New Space Station

I know there are at least a few efforts at work on private space stations, including space hotels.

To me it no longer makes sense for government to work on a space station, when they could be helping to fund private efforts by guaranteeing to lease some of the space aboard commercial stations for government use.

Comment: Welcome, Permanently Afraid Euroweenie (Score 2, Interesting) 176

by SuperKendall (#49362185) Attached to: Commercial Flamethrower Successfully Crowdfunded

Let's be clear, absolutely no-one is going to be using this as a weapon. It's not even a "last line of defense" weapon for home invasion, because while some may want to watch the world burn, they have different feelings about their own home specifically.

There are actually some pretty valid uses for this thing - farming an pyrotechnic displays being just two. There are a lot of people in the U.S. with large properties that could have very good uses for these things.

But basically, this is just fun, because fire is fun. Anyone who fails to see that has had irrational fear of EVERYTHING so deeply ingrained into them I cannot possibly see how they can function in real life.

People always accuse people who like guns, and now fire, of being fearful. But it seems to me like instead, those afraid of such things are the ones always afraid, and without any real joy.

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