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Comment The incentive is continuous (Score 1) 143

Because ten years down the road after Uber puts taxis out of business, there is no longer any incentive to remain clean or maintained.

Even a moment of thought would reveal how untrue that statement is, because cars with poor drivers or unsafe or unclean, would not get riders - who can see the cars rating quite plainly

Look over Fluffenmutter's history, a more obvious shill for the taxi industry I've never seen. Not once will admit a single flaw with taxis, while claiming that every flaw taxis suffer from Uber must suffer also - even though any user of Uber and Taxis knows there is simply no comparison - by ANY metric chosen, taxis are worse.

Comment Re:Honest question.. (Score 1) 143

Because some drivers prefer to drive around where the live, and also some drivers prefer to drive where there is less competition more occasional fares, but for longer distances.

The practical reality is that uber HAS gotten a car to me quickly in outlying areas of a city where a cab would have been 20-30 minutes away - if they every even came, which anyone who has ever really used cab services knows is questionable.

Again you refuse to acknowledge that whatever sins you paint Uber with, Taxis have far greater issues.

Comment Your ignorance is without bounds or reason (Score 0) 143

Commercial insurance, commercial licenses,

How does that improve SAFTEY you blithering moron? Rather than just helping pay medical bills after the fact?

BTW Uber provides that ANYWAY.

safety shields

You do realize what those do to passengers in a crash ? No ? Idiot.

fresh brakes,

Fresh brakes are worse than brakes that have been worn in, retard.

steering controls, suspension, and control arms

The 70's called and said under no circumstances are we to return you even though you plainly belong there....

You aren't very familiar with modern sealed systems in cars are you? When was the last time you greased a CV joint? Have you ever?

Does uber even control the time the car spends on the road and how often it is inspected?

The state does. Have you ever even driven in a cab which are usually in various states of utter disrepair?

Passenger vehicles just aren't made for that without very careful care.

Actually they ARE. Modern passengers vehicles are made for heavy abuse for at least the first few hundred thousand miles.

And as a side note, you think cabs are built better? Come on.

Money and denial are powerful motivators

Well denial anyway, as evidenced by your absurd post. I'll not respond further as I can't do much to help out your particular mix of ignorance and insanity that seems to affect all people with an irrational hate of Uber.

It's hilarious how all of the defects you list are so much worse for cabs, yet you try to tarnish Uber with the brush of disrepair.... Cabs have been utterly worse in terns of safety for some time than passenger cars, things like no working SEATBELTS for example. They don't have to do the same inspections passenger cars do.

Comment Where are you going in the U.S.? (Score 1) 134

I don't think it's possible to answer your question adequately without more information.

Where are you going in the U.S.? Is it large cities, or out of cities? Just where in the U.S.? Real world coverage is better in some places with some carriers than in others... The U.S. is huge.

Also if you are going to conventions be aware that some places have local repeaters from some companies but not others - AT&T or Verizon might have exclusive access to prove improved coverage at some particular location (especially conventions in hotels).

Outside of cities data server might be hit or miss no matter who you have...

I have T-Mobile and love them, mainly because I have the opposite problem - I travel outside the U.S. a lot, and I get free (slower) data just about world-wide with T-Mobile (and have an unlimited data plan). I'm a bit surprised you don't get the reverse effect from your carrier with T-Mobile, you may want to call them and ask because perhaps all they have to do is flip a switch in their system to let you roam in the U.S. for free.

Comment I can tell you how the story ends (Score 2) 143

After the app is released, people will flock to the cab app during peak hours because of the cheaper pricing.

That also means there will be few cabs to be found... the cabs they do find will still be the same old foul NYC cabs we all know and .

So the end user experience for most people will be cheaper cabs they can't have, vs. Uber cars they can - with the unreliable access to cabs demonstrated, people will just go back to uber and ignore the cab app exists.

People forget that surge pricing exists not just for drivers, but also passengers. You may not like the pricing but you do like having a ride available on demand...

Comment Re: I suggest we confuse the primary Uber benefits (Score 2) 143

Or you could only pay for cosmetic improvement to your vehicle but never any safety improvement.

This sounds clever at first but is incredibly stupid once you mull over what you are saying.

What "safety improvements" would you pay for? Roll bars? Four point harnesses? Fir extinguishers in the main cabin? Come on.

Uber inspects the car to be used to see if it passes muster - any car made in the last ten years will already be really safe, with no improvements to be made that could improve safety.

The things that degrade on cars over time are mostly cosmetic - body wear, interior cleanliness. They are what are ESPECIALLY degraded in "real" cabs.

The few aspects of cars that do degrade over time (tires, brakes) are checked by the state in yearly safety inspections anyway so it's not like letting them go is an option - but you've forgotten the driver has a powerful motivator to keep the car safe, because they are the ones who are going to spend far more time in it than any one passenger.... why would a driver want to risk his own life to save a few $?

Comment Re:Free? (Score 4, Insightful) 68

It may not be the only reason but judging your verbiage it sure is YOUR reason.

And you aren't even affected!

I have a phone that says it qualifies for the program, and I'm just like "well I'll go in for an hour in a few weeks when I feel like it". That's how real customers actually feel despite your mouth-frothing portrait of them.

The problem with you Apple Haters is you get worked up by any negative news at all about Apple. The sad thing is you will probably die of a heart attack long before Apple actually suffers. You really, really should look into shaking off your obsession with a company you hate. Life is too short for hate to dominate you.

Comment Re: it is just replacement camera components (Score 5, Insightful) 68

Where do you get 6-8 weeks from? If you go into an Apple store you'll not be without a phone more for than an hour.

In the past, for different issues I've just have them give be a brand new phone. They may do so in some cases for this problem too (though it sounds like they'll actually try to fix it).

You are confused by what OTHER companies do for support. There's a reason why Apple has really high consumer satisfaction numbers.

Comment The real message is lost on you (Score 2, Insightful) 467

And yet the NRA thinks that the "average person" with a firearm is the solution to the problem.

Do you think one of the marines (in critical condition) would have been shot in the neck if he had been armed himself? Would even any other civilians had been shot when the first shots fired were from someone trained not to hit people if needed vs. someone trying to hit anyone?

It's absurd to say this shows you can always do without a gun when two marines in the prime of their life take out a gunman they know is exiting from a very small space.

What if you are not two cut marines and there's a guy with a gun who just swings around a corner? What if you are a woman alone and there's someone with a knife telling you to strip your clothes off? What if you are home alone and three guys bust the door open wide and storm inside your house? There are a lot of situations where a gun is much better than most other things, including being unarmed - and the very case you claim is proof of how you "don't need guns" is one of them.

Comment Totally disagree (Score 2) 119

I am definitely a genre gamer. It's just that I don't have a lot of time, and am really picky about games I play as a result - so it might be years, but eventually i'll find a game in the genres that I like.

I could easily see the same about MMO gamers - lets say you burn out on Warcraft. Why would that mean you'd immediately go into another large time sink, instead of taking some time off?

I'm a fan of hiking too but I don't hike every day... guess I'm not a "real hiker" and no real hikers (like true Scotsman) exist.

Comment But (Score 1) 43

All that is true, but we had The Day After.

The current children have ready access to an entire world of porn, or if that is too crude inteernet at you beck and call from age three on.

Honestly children of different times get different childhoods, but it's impossible to say I think which ones are truly better.

Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later. -- F. Brooks, "The Mythical Man-Month"