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I wish I had mod points because you make several very important statements.

To add to your good advise, I'd say that back exercise is also very important for anyone who has already had a back injury. I've slipped a disk three times. The first time was lifting something that was too heavy for me to lift (I did it, but paid for it and continue to pay for it). Now it's weakened in that area, it comes out easier now. My back exercises and stretching help me to reduce the chances of recurring injuries as a result of my now weakened back.

After my first injury, I spoke to my boss and informed him that I would periodically (maybe a couple of times per day) need to slip off to stretch for 10 minutes or so. Several times I'd have co-workers walk into a conference room for an impromptu meeting only to find me laying on the floor stretching my lower back with a towel on my feet. Since they had seen me walk around for a week using a cane, they understood - but the first few times asked if I needed help. I just said, "no thanks, this IS my recovery"

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I've done this many times.

In one instance it wasn't my task, but the task of 2 employees that I was supervising. My boss had given them a task that took each of them 8 hours to complete (turning phone logs into readable reports, daily). One would start the process and hand her work off to the other which was then turned into management at the end of the second shift. Each day, processing the logs from the previous day. At best, the report data was 24 hours old - often indicating trends after it was too late to deal with them.

The IT department had tasked several of their workers to automate the task but none were able to do it over the course of 6 months.

I spent three days learning what these ladies were doing and another three days coding it. When I was done, management could get the report they wanted up to the previous hour, and it was searchable.

At the end of the day, I got two workers back on the phones doing what they were hired to do.

I quit two days later - but that's another story.

+ - NASA Confirms New EM Thruster Violates Laws Of Conservation

Submitted by Crudely_Indecent
Crudely_Indecent (739699) writes "Mentioned here in a previous story ( ), the EM thruster that generates thrust using no fuel, only electricity has been tested by NASA and confirmed to work!

Is this the Star Trek future tech we've been waiting for?

The NASA report titled "Anomalous Thrust Production from an RF Test Device Measured on a Low-Thrust Torsion Pendulum" was published 3 days ago and can be found here: From the abstract:

This paper describes the eight-day August 2013 test campaign designed to investigate and demonstrate viability of using classical magnetoplasmadynamics to obtain a propulsive momentum transfer via the quantum vacuum virtual plasma.


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This is what I understood about the Johnny Appleseed story.

Apple seeds don't necessarily grow sweet apples. Some are sour. Modern eating apples are grafts from trees that product sweet fruit, while seedlings are a crap shoot.

Old and young alike consumed hard cider (children were given a watered down version) because of waterborne illness. You couldn't trust the water, but you could trust that your hard cider would be safe.

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I got 2 Thinkpad T520 laptops (Resolution: 1920x1080) for less than $1000 (total). Granted, one had a broken keyboard + bios lock and the other a broken screen - but less than $300 in parts repaired the keyboard and screen and now I have the hardware to unlock the bios password of many thinkpad models. Still, I paid less than $1000 total for both after repairs. It can be done if you're a cheap enough bastard and are willing to put in a little effort.

Not all roses though - neither came with a hard drive or memory - so that added expense did put my total above $1000 - but I have 2 high-res laptops and I spent less than $2000 for both after adding to each a 1tb hdd and 8gb ram. It's good to have a spare.

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Let the previous post serve as an example of how NOT to attempt comedy on slashdot (or anywhere else).

Some pointers for would-be comedians attempting to amuse the rest of us:

1. it should be funny
2. it should be funny to someone other than yourself (your other personalities don't count, neither does your mother - and no, combining the two won't count either)
3. humor should be involved

As a litmus test, if you think you should post as AC - it isn't nearly funny enough. True comedians want to take credit for their craft.

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My iPad 1 got slower and slower with each update, until IOS 5, when the updates cease. Now, many apps in the app store cannot be installed on my iPad 1 because the IOS version doesn't meet the criteria for the apps.

I keep it around because I must support iPad 1 for some of my customers, but its usefulness is fading - as designed.

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They didn't completely remove annotation though, everything else is still there. We can still draw pretty boxes, circles, arrows and text. Those are features we don't use (often).

It just strikes me as odd that apple drops the feature, adobe drops the feature from reader, and a third party editor drops the feature - at roughly the same time.

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We tried option B, and when the software received an update a few days later, link annotations were no longer available.

At that point, we went digging in the parts closet for the machines.

Personally, I think the Apple/Adobe relationship is driving this. Get people hooked on a feature, then yank that feature to force them to purchase an expensive product (Acrobat).

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One piece of older OSX that is no longer in newer versions is an (apparently) often used function of Preview. The ability to add link annotations to PDF documents has been removed. You can still add text and arrows and circles (the things we don't use it for). That particular function is the most often used, but there are others.

We used it for customer reports generated in other applications. To make it easier on our customers, we would create table of contents and link it in preview before sending it out. With older Snow Leopard machines in the office, the process now must be performed on an older machine before being sent out. Of course, we are now very protective of these older machines.

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There are reasons not to upgrade. Apple has silently removed features from OSX that my business has come to rely on. New equipment, of course, runs Lion or Mavericks - but we keep a few older machines around to do the tasks that Apple doesn't think we need to do anymore (tasks that require us to spend $2500 on software for Lion or Mavericks but could do in Snow Leopard).

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