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Comment Re:Anything the US does is suspicious (Score 2) 283

In case you forgot, the nonproliferation treaty states that aside from the "nuclear weapon states" (China, France, Russia, the US and the UK), no other nation state should receive, manufacture or acquire nuclear weaponry. [...] Who's disallowing them? Everyone.

Except for some countries who never signed that treaty: India, Pakistan, Israel. North Korea is also no longer a signatory (they withdrew in 2003). Shouldn't there be sanctions against the other three?

Let's not kid ourselves here: North Korea is a farce.


The best possible thing that could happen for NK and the rest of the world would be a slow transition towards democracy and a complete reconstruction of its political sphere (including eliminating all current military and political personnel, up to Un himself).

You're talking about eliminating ten million people (in the military alone). 40% of the population. Please specify which method of "elimination" you had in mind.

Comment Re:EMACS Memory Footprint? (Score 1) 133

I'm not on the same system as GP, but here's the memory usage I see when I open Vim with an empty buffer:

VIRT: 178M
RES: 17M
SHR: 12M

In heavy coding mode I have Vims open in 20 Konsole tabs. Bit much, maybe, but that's never been the cause for memory problems. Those are typically caused by browsers, desktop multimedia applications (Amarok, mplayer, VLC, image browsers), and most of all the extreme bloat from KDE.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 5, Funny) 418

No, you get an extremely small subset of the possible original messages.

No, GP is correct. If you can choose the pad contents, you can trivially create any "decrypted" message you like.

As you send more and more messages with the same pad

one time pad

"Hail Hitler". It showed in every single German message

Unlikely. The grammar nazi in charge would have corrected it to "Heil Hitler".

Comment Re:Anonymous cell phone (Score 2) 26

He's proposed the idea of broadcasting the MEID/ESN of every phone that is ringing in every mobile phone "cell" in the world/via Satlink

Personally, I would object to everybody being able to tell if/when my phone is ringing, and possibly even deduce whether I accepted the call from the duration of the "ringing" state. If that's really how this system is supposed to work, I'm not surprised the OP couldn't find any takers.

Comment Re:Greeks surrender: no restructuring (Score 1) 485

That's exactly how it has worked in the EU from the very start.

But there is a difference between subsidizing economically weaker regions and countries, and bailing out a country, for the third time, to the tune of 100 million Euro. All the while being promised reforms and seeing very little actual change.

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