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Comment Re:EMF have an effect (Score 1) 434

It is bigoted to point out that the sun produces more EMF than anything man has produced? It is dumb to point out that ALL scientific studies have pointed to this being a psychosomatic condition, and not a true sensitivity.

This woman however has never indicated any issue with going outside, it is only these mysterious moving electrons that cause her placebo issue.

Richard, a former radio documentary producer, has opted for a reclusive life in the mountains of southwest France, in a renovated barn without electricity, and drinking water from the well.

This person used to be a radio producer, not exactly the job for someone sensitive to EMF.

Comment Re: It's not happening (Score 1) 375

Or perhaps many people can't afford to buy a $35k vehicle to tow boats or camper trailers as well as an economy car?

I have one vehicle, it is not paid off, how would you work that $600 payment with another payment for an efficient car?

I am glad to hear you are made of money, I am not.

Comment Re:Because its not just a NASA facility (Score 3, Insightful) 59

Was it ever determined to be incompetence of the Bush administration, or are you just spouting off?

At the time, the stories coming out were that there was a delay in the request for assistance, which is required before the federal government can come help. If they didn't request assistance and the feds showed up, people would be complaining about a federal invasion. Also, when whole swaths of land are ravaged, getting into the area to help is rather difficult, and can take time in the case of a hurricane as they hit an enormous amount of area, not just a little city.

But it is always more convenient to blame your political opponent, even if it is lazy.

Comment Re:"...need to be prepared..." (Score 1) 375

Yes, The only city in any danger on that list is NOLA at 7 feet below sea level, while being right on the ocean. The rest of them are miles inland behind mountains.

Though many areas are sinking faster than the oceans are rising, NOLA seems to be the worst of those. I saw a picture at some point that pointed out that most of the land in Maryland, including DC is sinking, I am sure there are other areas experiencing this as well.

Comment Re:PBS show of cellphone cancer recently (Score 3, Informative) 434

Considering that the incidence of head and chest cancers of the past 20 years is available, why would you assume that the rates have been going up?


I would love to see any scientific evidence to show that somehow with the drastic increase of cell phones in society over that period of time, the incidences of cancers effecting the head and neck have gone down drastically.

I'm not sure what you mean by chest cancers, last I checked most people don't put cell phones against their chest frequently. Lung cancers however have been going down as well due to the reduction in number of smokers and places to smoke.


Comment Re:Study? (Score 1) 164


I'm not exactly sure what you refer to, but I found it interesting that Jimmy Carter never actually worked on a nuclear submarine.

I see below that you linked an article about a nuclear accident that he helped clean up, but I find it interesting that it indicates he was a nuclear engineer (which is untrue, he never even finished nuclear operator school when he had to drop out to take care of the family farm).


It doesn't say there either that he actually completed the nuclear program, which is interesting.

I would say that Jimmy Carter is a damn good example of the lack of effect of nuclear radiation, he has lived 63 years after helping in that cleanup, and he was one of the group apparently who was lowered into a melted down reactor to effect its shutdown, how much more exposure could you get?

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