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Comment: Re:Just GBE everywhere! (Score 1) 447

(Cat6 has individually shielded pairs)

What crack are you smoking? Even Cat 7 doesn't individually shield the pairs, and Cat 6 isn't even shielded, that is STP, not UTP.

Great picture of the Cat 7 cable unwound on the ad.

Gigabit Ethernet only needs Cat5e

This is bad advise, Gigabit is ok now, but in 20 years? 40 years? Houses last a long time, so putting in the best available now will prevent upgrades later.

Comment: Re:Just GBE everywhere! (Score 1) 447

As the person above me mentions, conduits are future proofing. I would add though, it should be Cat7 STP, not Cat6, and Multimode fiber. This is the most advanced stuff, so it should last a good while before being outdated, in which case you then pull it out and run new cable.

The fiber doesn't even need to be terminated as most likely it won't be used (for now) as even 10Gbit runs over copper without issue.

Comment: Re:It's very real (Score 1) 264

by Coren22 (#49825387) Attached to: Professional Russian Trolling Exposed

If you want the proof, it is damn easy to come up with. The problem is that Russians on general are programmed to see everything put out by the West as faked.

There are a whole bunch of satellite photos of the launchers.

There are photos of the launchers in Eastern Ukraine, though it is unclear who has them, it is clear that the Ukraine doesn't even own that launcher.

The rest of your points are Russian propaganda, there was no smell of formaldehyde, that was made up by Russian media. MH-17 was sent to that area because it was a valid flight path, and was used repeatedly before and a few times right after the downing; it was assumed that no one was capable, or stupid enough to launch on a commercial aircraft flying at 30k feet. UFO, more Russian propaganda, please link to any non Russian source of this. Plenty of pics of Buk launchers, the launcher was in the middle of a field controlled by the rebels, so no one who wasn't involved was around to take a picture or video of it actually launching.

Here's a question for you, how do you explain the recordings of phone calls from the rebels to Russia claiming that it was an accident?

Comment: Re:One connector to rule them all. (Score 1) 173

People can have their Centronics parallel, HD-15 and RJ-45 crap - I'll take something less onerous, expensive, and/or fragile any day!

Fragile? I don't think any of those connectors could be called fragile compared to USB anything. Have you ever actually seen any of those connectors? The only thing fragile is that stupid retainer clip on the RJ-45 connector, those things break all the time.

Centronics could probably survive a nuclear blast from close range...

Comment: Re:You're Talking About a Different Scale (Score 1) 264

by Coren22 (#49824961) Attached to: Professional Russian Trolling Exposed

You do realize that there have been subpoenas for the email records out for literally years, which have been being ignored? That when handing over the email records (finally), Hillary failed to hand over all email records as she was ordered by the investigation to do? When completely stonewalling the investigation, is it any wonder that the investigation is taking forever?

Comment: Re:Does US have any real jurisdiction over FIFA? (Score 1) 192

by Coren22 (#49824765) Attached to: Indicted Ex-FIFA Executive Cites Onion Article In Rant Slamming US

As long as you also mention that it may be a false etymology as the article states right there, then proceeds to provide the other etymology.

As both etymologies are given equal weight right next to each other, is it correct to try and claim that what I said was false while utterly ignoring that the foot kicking ball etymology is considered as possibly false, but not the played on foot etymology?

Comment: Re:Actually... (Score 1) 162

by Coren22 (#49824497) Attached to: Cool Tool: The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Cost Calculator

So we shouldn't listen to you because of your biases. Ok, we will now all ignore you as you are human and have your biases.

Also, what you blindly fail to realize is that the people making the tool are anti nuke, not pro nuke.

These are the people behind the doomsday clock.

Comment: Re:Quality of thought from nuclear playboys (Score 1) 162

by Coren22 (#49824465) Attached to: Cool Tool: The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Cost Calculator

When your argument comes down to your own ignorance of the issue, it isn't the other person's issue, it is your own.

The reason the US has a nuclear waste issue is that the government won't allow reprocessing. Once reprocessed, the left over stuff can be safely buried. People are ignorant and scream "omg nuclear!" instead, kind of like your comments.

If you are unwilling to learn about nuclear physics and understand the issues, don't comment and display your ignorance for all to see.

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