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Comment Re:Qi (Score 2) 82 82

On top of what the AC said, which are all valid points, QI also enables waterproof design. No one has yet (as far as I have seen) removed the plug, but you could do so. You could also leave the phone in a waterproof case if it is thin enough and charge it right through the case. It is really nice to charge my cell phone by just dropping it into a stand, no need to hunt for wires, no need to figure which way the plug needs to be plugged in, no need to worry about damaged connectors or cables, just drop it and charge.

Comment Re:I have my own promise (Score 1) 523 523

I am curious about what lies you think these people told. I haven't heard anything about Christie lying. The whole bridgegate thing was pretty clear, he said he had no idea about it, and even with access to emails, no one was able to point to any indication that he knew about it.

Comment Re:Two birds with one stone (Score 1) 523 523

The only oil and gas subsidies I know of are the ones that provide heating oil/gas for poor people up north. This prevents people from freezing to death, but I guess redirecting this money to people who own their own houses (therefore doing better than the average citizen) makes sense to a lefty...

Comment Re:Or let us keep our hard-earned money (Score 1) 523 523

I also learned many of those things in high school, in the US.

Comparing your personal education to the average education in the US is silly. Calculus AB and BC are the college level Calculus courses in the US, they are offered in high school for those smart enough to take them. In science they offered college level Physics and Chemistry (at least), I took Physics in high school myself.

Most of the problems the US education system has have to do with the inner cities and the way averages work. There is a large population in the US who doesn't care if their kids pass or fail, and it falls back on the state to somehow ensure that they get the education they deserve, but without parental involvement, education is unlikely to succeed. There are no good solutions to this problem, and unfortunately the problem only seems to get worse. These schools are in low income areas, so there is less money to spend on the schools (schools are funded from property taxes). As the schools are doing poorly already, most federal funding that is doled out based on standardized test scores, totally misses these schools as they do horribly on standardized tests as well. It is unfortunate that the US has a position of scorn towards those who have an education, but this is some of the results of the society. A society that calls athletes heroes and values them above a scientist has lost its way.

Comment Re:I agree in theory (Score 1) 523 523

Um, China is investing money in all power technologies. They are building every type of power plant as fast as they can. They are building coal power plants at an enormous rate, along with nuclear, and hydro (where possible). The US is trending cleaner in power production, while China is staying dirty or going even dirtier. Holding up China as what the US should strive for is extremely odd. Your statement reminds me of Mr Magoo in many ways. "Oh look at how much China is spending on solar power!"

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My phone has a micro USB port like any other phone. I however have a QI charger in the car and house.

The freight train of fail would be on your end, not mine. Everyone does things your way, therefore there can be no other way. When I point out that you are incorrect, you try to derail what I am saying by coming up with all these convoluted solutions to something exceedingly simple and elegant. I would like to point out where this train started so you can see why you are the one failing at seeing the utility, and I am pointing out to you that it already exists and is in wide use:

Regardless... no one using this tech is doing it for water proof cellphones.

As there are numerous vendors creating phones that wirelessly charge to reduce strain on the power plug and to increase water resistance, YOU ARE WRONG. I pointed you to one such phone, and you persist in trying to come up with a reason that no one makes cell phones with wireless charging to increase the water resistance, well that statement is wrong. Get over yourself.

Wireless charging serves many purposes, which is why people buy QI compatible phones. If it had no purpose, there wouldn't be a huge industry built around it.


Just because you willfully can't see the utility in wireless charging because "it isn't wireless!" doesn't mean many others haven't seen the usefulness of wireless charging. Not having to plug anything into my phone to have it charge is wonderful. I get into my car and drop my phone into it's mount, and BOOM, it is getting power from the car. I get home, and I drop the phone into its cradle, and BOOM, it is getting power. I never have to plug it into anything, figuring out which direction the plug goes, dealing with loose plugs or plugs where the catch has broken and they just fall out. I also don't have to worry about my phone getting wet, I just don't worry about it at all.



Also, QI is 60% efficient (including the AC-DC step that wired power has), it isn't as efficient, but the convenience it great, which more than balances it out.


You don't have to get it, but calling other people names because you don't get it just makes you look ignorant. QI is taking off, as evidenced by the number of QI chargers on Amazon, and the number of phones that support it. You don't want one, fine, don't get one.

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